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  1. jefff

    Active Members Reply Here

    Semi active. This pancreatitis has really messed me all up.
  2. jefff

    Old Cajun Is Home

    You take care Brad. As the owner of a stent I hope they can eventually give you one. It takes some of the worry away
  3. jefff

    Sick and the Dwarves

    I feel for you Cos. I just spent 40 days in the hospital. Pancreatitis don't get it. I have not smoked in 43 days. I hope to try it again soon..:)
  4. jefff

    Uber Cool Maigurs Knets Pipe

    That's a good bit lighter than I would have guessed.
  5. jefff

    Why no love for Aromatics

    Truth be told I haven't smoked an Aro in 35years. When I stumbled upon McC and others. While I won't ever disparage anyone who does, I haven't missed them for a moment. Last Xmas my wife's son went to Iwan Reís to carefully pick me out some tobacco. She said it took him 30 minutes. He chose a...
  6. jefff

    Eclipse Map Generator

    88% here. Good enough for me
  7. jefff

    Quiet Nights: The Penzance Replacement

    I find them quite different and I greatly prefer QN.
  8. jefff

    Why Such High Cost on Some Pipes?

    If you wanted, I could grind that blemish out for you. At no charge, I am a giver!
  9. jefff

    Why Such High Cost on Some Pipes?

    This is what happens when parents leave the computer on.
  10. jefff

    What's it worth? Penzance 8 ounce bag.

    Someone else's?...
  11. jefff

    What's it worth? Penzance 8 ounce bag.

    It's worth whatever 8oz of any GLP or McC blend is worth.
  12. jefff

    After A Few Bowls Of Penzance...

    I am among those who actually prefer Quiet Nights to Penzance. For me Penzance is just too...cloying.
  13. jefff

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2017)

    Quiet Nights in an Alden Cutty
  14. jefff

    Packin' A Pipe

    Yeah, I too tend to stuff it in and have at it.
  15. jefff

    Why Is Your Stash The Best Of All Possible Options?

    My stash is close but I really needed more Wilderness. I thought I had time, then the Sryian Lat ran out But I have learned to live with disappointment.
  16. jefff

    How Much Is to Much?

    There was a time when I would comfortably spend $30.00 on a pipe. Not too long ago I was comfortable spending up to 1000.00. Then I found Ryan Alden, BST and Chris Askwith for new pipes, 275 to 350? And a few high endy estates. I don't think I'll spend more than 500.00 ever again.. But I can get...
  17. jefff

    First Attempt at a Cutty Pic Heavy

    I like it! and I am a Cutty guy.
  18. jefff

    McClelland St. James Woods and Black Parrot: Worth Trying?

    Yes, I have smoked it and I don't care for...other people buying any.
  19. jefff

    Oh for Pipe's Sake...

    I tend to judge people on individual merit. I tend not to judge people based on religion, politics, color, music preference or style of beard. It keeps my world open and interesting.
  20. jefff

    What Music Are You Listening To? ~ August 2017

    Arcade Fire, Neon Bible.