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  1. mrenglish


    Already a topic so deleted my post.
  2. mrenglish


    I've tried the fold and stuff method a lot but prefer to rub the flakes into a nice shag, resulting a more consistent flavor. Just finished watching a video with Per Jensen discussing how to prepare their LBF. I pulled out some five year old LBF and am blown away. Finally, it all come together...
  3. mrenglish

    Article on Burley Tobacco in Kentucky

    Article Looks like production in Kentucky is way down.
  4. mrenglish

    International Pipe Smoking Day

    It's coming up and merchants are already offering up discounts. SPC is 10% off storewide and I think Blue Room Briars is offering the same. Anyone one treating themselves to anything or have special plans? For me, it will be an order of Doblone d'Oro from Savinelli via SPC. Michael
  5. mrenglish

    Decatur Pipe Shield Maintenance Products

    Anyone have any experience with these? I am especially curious out the Haze Away and Shine Bright. Decatur Pipe Shield Products Thanks
  6. mrenglish

    It's Hot Outside

    So, here in Columbus, Ohio it is 101 with the heat index. I have found Germain's Brown Flake to be a good choice as its a lighter blend than I normally smoke but still has plenty of flavor and a decent nic hit. Oddly, 3P's is also tasting really good. So, what do you all prefer to smoke in the...
  7. mrenglish

    New Alden Dublin

    Ryan posted this on his FB page so thought I would share it. Not for me though.
  8. mrenglish

    A Pair of Lonestar Pipes (Ryan Alden)

    A pair of Ryan's pipes made for my 20th Anniversary. These still need some final touching up and buffed. I just gave Ryan some general parameters like a plateau top, weight must be under 45g, the Dublin has a conical bowl and the length had to be between 4.5 to 5.5 inches. The billiard weighs...
  9. mrenglish

    Peretti - No. 8 Slice (Flake)

    I am looking for opinions on this tobacco, who has tried it and what did you think?
  10. mrenglish

    Question On eBay Shipping Changes Once Bidding Starts.

    So, I was bidding on this sweet old school Donegal Rocky when today I noticed the shipping amount had changed. It was $3.98 but then today it was up to $4.34. In the grand scheme of things that is not a big deal at all. But, isn't changing the specified shipping cost after the auction starts...
  11. mrenglish

    Well, Dang

    I was moving around some tins on my shelf when I noticed my 04 tin of Piccadilly had a soft spot. Shaking it I could hear movement, so I popped the seal. Dry tobacco greeted me but other than that it looked fine, no dust. I checked my tin from 03 and there was no movement or soft spots. Decided...
  12. mrenglish

    Ser Jacopo coral dot

    Does anyone know if Ser Jacopo reintroduced the coral dot on their pipes? I've seen some new ones that indeed have the coral dot, just trying to figure out if they are old new stock. Thanks
  13. mrenglish

    Beard Oil: What Is It?

    So, I am growing my beard out and am curious. What is beard oil and what is it supposed to do?
  14. mrenglish

    Falcon Bowl Stand

    [/URL][/img] When I got into Falcon's a few years ago I amassed a good amount of bowls from the 60's up to current production. I kept them in a nice wood box until I was in a craft store with the CFO and found this thread spool holder. Turns out its perfect for holding Falcon bowls. I think paid...
  15. mrenglish

    Rattray's Wallace Flake

    Anyone tried this yet? Word on the street was that it was University Flake under a new name but the description mentions a light plum topping. There are only two reviews on Virginia tobaccos, ranging in color from golden to chocolate brown, have been combined with sun-dried...
  16. mrenglish

    Smokers' Haven Tobacco Tasting

    Smokers Haven put up a sign that every Wednesday from 5-7 PM they will have a tobacco tasting. I was there last week and no one showed up but am going again tomorrow. I will be bringing a tin of Margate from 1998 if anyone is interested in joining for a smoke or two.
  17. mrenglish

    Now This Is Cool

    Dunhill A bit pricey but a neat idea.
  18. mrenglish

    A New Record

    Got the in stock notification for Astley's 44 and Wessex Brigade Campaign Flake the other day. This morning I ordered ten tins of the Wessex. Just checked and lo and behold, they still have both in stock. Looks like supply is catching up since Harris and Peck are all stocked up. :D
  19. mrenglish

    SPC has Astley's #44

    Looks like the demand is dying down for this one. Its been in stock for a couple days. 17 tins left.
  20. mrenglish

    Need a Recommendation

    Hey all, I normally smoke ODF and enjoy the heck out of it. However, I would like something that has a similar taste profile but stronger, any suggestions? I already smoke plenty of 3P's and University/Irish Flakes so those are covered. I guess something between ODF and Irish Flake would be...