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  1. O

    Doctor Fills

    Like that dripping tap - you're totally unaware of it until your attention is drawn to it. Then you hear the darn thing even through closed doors :ROFLMAO:
  2. O

    G'day from North Queensland

    I lost 3-4 orders before I found out about the ban. Disappointing as there were a few discontinued aged tins. I've been paying the exhorbant Oz prices for my most recent orders - at least I get to smoke them rather than the Customs incinerator.
  3. O

    Saying Goodbye to my Best Friend of 13 Years

    Sincere condolences. He was loved, had a great life, and family who didn't wish to see him suffer at the end. Can't wish for more
  4. O

    G'day from North Queensland

    Greetings from Sydney. Pleased that you succumbed and rejoined the brotherhood. No better way to spend an hour or two in quiet contemplation or with the newspapers on the weekends. By the way, I hope your tobacco makes it through Oz Customs unscathed, as imports of pipe tobacco are banned...
  5. O

    AWOL, Back Now. Smoking Mac Baren til the Cows Come Home....

    Don't forget us Aussies and our cousins, from Hobbiton
  6. O

    The Jury Has Reached a Decision

    Not wanting to confuse this thread, but the Brits classify Latakia and Balkan blends as "aromatics" Like many have posted, while I smoke English/Balkan and VaPers 90% of the time, I occasionally finish with an aromatic - like having a dessert at the end of the meal. Wine-wise, most people when...
  7. O

    Refurbishing a Leather Covered Pipe...

    @CigarAshQueen - you have a lot to answer to if the price of leather-bound pipes increases 1000% :)
  8. O

    Pipe Smokers Etiquette

    Somehow I can't get the image of @embers going for a hike in the woods with his skull meer hanging from his lips out of my mind when I read that :ROFLMAO:
  9. O

    Show Off your Petersons Here!

    Dave, that is some job on the stem 👍 👍
  10. O

    Why the Huge Bands These Days?

    Pre-2000 Habanos sold in cabinets did not have bands. Unfortunately they too have succumbed to the marketing gods and all cigars are banded now - some garrishly so. I suppose they need all the foreign exchange they can get.
  11. O

    I've Always Enjoyed Posts From (Member Appreciation Thread)

    NO hazmat suits needed here !
  12. O

    Pipe Smokers Etiquette

    This thread reminds me of a fishing trip sometime ago with a few mates. My wife wanted to know what we talked about. I pointed out that fishing trips was something you did in companionable silence.
  13. O

    What! Are You Drinking? - April 2021

    Settling down after a 3-course family lunch (steak, cheese and dessert) with a Castello loaded with Escudo ready to fire up. I thought an Italian digestive would hit the spot - a Cappellano Chinato (herb-infused Barolo). That complex thing that the Italians have nailed of just enough sweetness...
  14. O

    On Nostalgia And Misconceptions

    When I first smoked a pipe in the early '70s, there were only a handful of good tobacconists (3 that I knew of) in Sydney. As it was way before the Internet, choice of pipes and tobaccos were limited to what the stores carried. With tobaccos, it mainly OTCs. I was an undergrad then, so money was...
  15. O

    Alcohol Treatment

    I have wondered about that. Only pipe that ever cracked on me was an estate with extremely clogged mortise which I had to treat extensively with alcohol soaked cleaners and swabs. It developed a crack all along the shank on the first smoke. What really hurt was not so much that it was a 1922...
  16. O

    Anyone Have A Spreadsheet To Share?

    First requirement is to be afflicted with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I once kept a cellar book. Several months later I found that long lunches and going into the cellar repeatedly for more bottles of wine while inebriated does not lead to tidy book-keeping.
  17. O

    Pipe Smokers Etiquette

    Now if that happened to @embers "followers will be ignored" he would feel threatened, or worse still, be threatening 😂
  18. O

    Alcohol Treatment

    I buy a lot of estate pipes which come in all conditions - from pristine to never been cleaned (I do try to avoid those). If the bowl is dirty or ghosted, after reaming, I stuff the bowl with cotton balls and fill with a high proof clear apricot Eau de vie (fruit brandy) and leave for 24 hours...
  19. O

    Antique French Pipe Off Ebay

    Congratulations on your find. Those oldies grow on you. While I still buy new pipes, I'm much more excited when I come across a well-preserved oldie.
  20. O

    Sour Taste

    I've had a few sour pipes - one I had for years and left unsmoked, which ended up with a badly oxidised stem (externally as well as internally). No amount of cleaning helped. I had a new stem made for it. A few others were estates which arrived looking very clean externally, but the mortises...