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  1. sisyphus

    Solani 656 Aged Burley Flake - Share Tastes?

    Apples to apples, I much prefer HH Burley Flake.
  2. sisyphus

    How Many Bowls Do You Smoke?

    my palate can take about 4, spaced out through the day a bowl of burley with coffee, another after lunch, a bowl of Va after dinner which takes a couple hours to get through, and a nightcap of something strong in a small bowl shape
  3. sisyphus

    Favorite Arms Manufacturer

    Dan Wesson 1911s, CZ 75B and D, S&W double actions, Ruger single actions.
  4. sisyphus

    Self-Isolation Restorations #8 - 1910 Loewe

    I'd consult with an able restorer and get their opinion on that. My personal feeling on that matter is that if I have to modify the pipe from its original configuration to be happy with it, I never will be.
  5. sisyphus

    Self-Isolation Restorations #8 - 1910 Loewe

    the pipe has issues that would keep it from bringing top dollar. I don't know, I'd say you'd get $150 or so on ebay, maybe you'd get lucky and catch the guy that wanted a hallmarked Dublin and get $200. Reverse of that is no one is buying because economy is trashed and it sells for $50.
  6. sisyphus

    Purchase of New Dunhill (Whitespot) Concerns and Questions

    nonsense, everyone knows that the Orlik shape 20 is the pinnacle of the English billiard
  7. sisyphus

    Purchase of New Dunhill (Whitespot) Concerns and Questions

    as always the usual suspects pipe in with misinformation and a bias against Dunhill. This topic has been covered ad nauseum here and elsewhere. There is a wealth of good information from people like Al and myself, even Dave who I don't particularly care for but he knows what he's talking about...
  8. sisyphus

    Pricey Pipes.

    The first sentence yes, The rest I don't agree with at all. You will spend what you can afford on pipes. If that means Falcons and cobs then they're still worth talking about. If you want a Jess Chonowitsch and you can afford it, who is anyone else to say you shouldn't? I have a Loewe I bought...
  9. sisyphus

    If HU Tobacco Was Available At, Would You Order It?

    it's available now, and if a US distributor picked it up it would be as scarce as Esoterica and Germain. I'm in the no camp, leave it the way it is so I can keep buying it.
  10. sisyphus

    Unfinished Briar Pipe - Wax Only?

    yeah I'm inclined to say just don't handle it with dirty hands and let it get its patina naturally
  11. sisyphus

    Gift Of Ehrlich

    and not one of their in-house pipes, it's stamped Italy
  12. sisyphus

    Jobey Made In England Help

    Carver hubris. A pot is a pot, a Dublin is a Dublin. I've known really intelligent men who couldn't spell. Good spelling is no indicator of intelligence. It's like math for some people, they just don't get it. I have also seen pipe makers refer to their pipes as being a shape they aren't. Now...
  13. sisyphus

    Jobey Made In England Help

    looks 60s to me. No way is the button on that stem cut before 1950
  14. sisyphus

    Am I About to Smoke Cow Dung???

    cat pee and cow manure smells from tobacco can be attributed to fermentation. Most will tell you that the tobacco needs more time when you smell them. In the case of nasal snuff, I love it when snuff is ammonia-y and barnyard-y
  15. sisyphus

    GBD Granitan, Yay or Nay?

    my favorite GBD series
  16. sisyphus

    How Important Is The Stem For You?

    It's important that it's original and that the tenon is attached to it, otherwise I defer to the maker and keep my own preferences. Molded vulcanite stems ARE a deal breaker, but that's usually low end and seconds lines.
  17. sisyphus

    HH Old Dark Fired... First Impressions.

    the Orlik is an aromatic, a good one where the tobacco isn't wiped out by the topping, but still an aro. For me ODF is very good. I like it better than Irish Flake, but if I'm paying I'd rather have GH Dark Flake.
  18. sisyphus

    Confused About Zippos

    I feel to get a really good light started on a cigar you need a butane torch. You don't have to get fancy, a Ronson Jetlite from Walgreens for $6 does nicely. For me the problem of Zippo and pipe much more than a hint of lighter fuel at light is that the flame is very cool. I think getting your...
  19. sisyphus

    ***What Are You Smoking? January 2020.***

    Paul's pipe sale got me. Maiden voyage of GH Brown Flake in a NOS Custombilt
  20. sisyphus

    Do You Have A Set Criteria For Choosing A Pipe?

    Chamber dimensions Overall length Shaping Quality of blast, if blast