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  1. jerseysam

    WTB - HU/Jerry Saronno (01/09/21)

    I don't usually traverse the Buy/Sell, but ran out of HU Jerry Saronno and playing the "Will it get here or won't it?" HU delivery lottery doesn't kindle joy with me right now. If anyone out there in PipesMagazine forum land has some tins available, PM me with a price. No issue to pay a...
  2. jerseysam

    Halloween/Fall Pipes

    Do you love American 3.7 wave pipe carving, repleat with $1,500 pipes that display muted brown tones and delicate blasts in that same kinda Danish shape? Marvel over miniscule button shaping and long conversations of perfect engineering? Well, bad news just walked into the wrong...
  3. jerseysam

    On Cold Nights and Chocolate Blends...

    No matter how often I re-learn this lesson, whether spirits, tobacco, or firearms (all the noblest of vices), there's certain products I've made up my mind will be just awful. No particular evidence, but c'mon you just know it's going to stink. And on some dark night, needing a diversion, I...
  4. jerseysam

    Pipe Tobacco Market vs. Bourbon Market (Buying)

    Howdy folks, first post from a near-term lurker....absolutely great site/kudos to many of the posters here. Long-time cigar smoker, touched pipes on and off for about 12 years. Recently started pipe smoking with regularity as I moved into my new home over the winter, I've got a glass-paneled...