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    New Zealand Proposed Ban On Purchase By Future Generations

    Read all about it
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    Curly Block And Other K&K Blends, Also Samuel Gawith At Watch City

    A good selection of Samuel Gawith plus these from K&K: Astleys Fribourg McConnell Nording Heinrich Wessex (Including the new Wessex Curly Block) Ernie is offering portions of the Curly Block.
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    Castello Book

    Franco Coppo, the head of Castello has authored a book. It is in Italian and English It has been available through Italian dealers for a few months at €50 plus shipping. Smoking Pipes copies arrived and were put on the site today. Do a search “Castello Book.” Price is $65, spend another $30...
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    Why Am I Now Required To Manually Log In?

    Daily, for the last two days. I have not reset anything on my tablet. Haven’t changed any of my previous settings for this site.
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    Where Does Tobacco Get Its Flavor?

    Here Notice the number of these companies located in Germany. Want your cigarette strip to taste like whatever? Not a problem.
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    CupoJoes Article

    I thought this article about Kathleen Kelly, Queensbury Pipe and Cigar ( her physical retail store) and CupoJoes (pipe web site) would be of interest. HERE
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    Tobacco Reviews Site Has Been Hacked

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9)
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    It Isn’t Just Surepost Having Issues

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Good heavens, what a mess. Link
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    New Castello Shape.

    Not sure if I like it or not. HERE
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    Distributor Shutdowns Begin

    Phillips and King distributes Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth from a warehouse in California. This will be the first of many. Supporting your B & M is a great idea, do it now if you have them close at hand while they still have stock.
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    Interesting Article on Caminetto Pipes

    See here
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    I.M. Corona Old Boy Lighter Repair

    After 20+ years of faithful service, my Old Boy seals gave out. It had gotten to the point of not holding a charge even overnight. I sent the lighter to Arango Cigar, the current distributor, on January 14, and received the lighter back on February 24. I charged it then, adjusted the flame to my...
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    Congratulations, Pipestud!

    This morning, my friend Steve Fallon announced that over the last year, his web page had achieved over 1 million page views. Steve credits his webmaster, but I would say @pipestud has a well earned reputation for honesty and square dealings that keep people coming back. But even more than that...
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    Daughters and Ryan Favorites For Pipes?

    Other than Picayune, which might not be for everyone, I have not tried any of these blends. Which are your top choices for pipe smoking?
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    Al Pascia is First Rate

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob Reserved a Dunhill (picture in “Show us your Dunhill“ thread) back before Christmas, sent PayPal funds Wednesday afternoon, received by Federal Express today (Friday), most attractively gift wrapped and well protected. They were (are?)...
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    I Swung A Dead Cat and...

    hit this. A Savinelli Straight Grain “C”, new old stock, vulcanite non filter stem, a tiny unobtrusive fill on the heel away from being a Golden Jubilee. The seller, Chance at Great Estate Pipes, had to, at my request, use a loupe to find a fill and differentiate it from the Birdseye grain...
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    Good Pipe Experience With Order From Switzerland

    I just received a very nice estate Castello GG 15 Old Antiquari from a Basel Switzerland shop that also sells on eBay. The order was placed on 11/12, the pipe was in the hands of the Swiss Postal Service on 11/13, and I have it in my hands on 11/20. I was able to track the shipment every step...
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    Well, Duh! Zippo Edition

    My current Zippo lighter, purchased new about three years or so ago with the pipe chimney, had a horrible evaporation issue. A fill would only last a couple of days. Since I don’t use one a lot, preferring matches, I never bothered to try some of the fixes suggested on this forum and elsewhere...