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    Zippo Lighter Help

    I have decided to give my pipe zippo another try. I always seem to have problems lighting the tobacco with it. I see videos of people pulling the flame towards the bowl but whenever I try I really struggle to do so no matter how hard I suck at it. I cant seem to get the top of the tobacco to...
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    F/S Peterson Bent Pot 01s Sterling Silver & Comoy Grand Slam 409 24/3/21

    A lovely Peterson Sterling Silver 01s Bent pot shape,I believe from the 1970/80s In good condition with a sound chamber 75 GBP or 100 USD ono including postage worldwide via paypal Comoy's Grand Slam 409 Bulldog pre merger 3 piece C pipe in good condition with just a little...
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    For Those Interested In Gawith Hoggarth

    worth checking out there facebook page.Some nice old photos and videos links Log into Facebook -
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    One For The Dunhill Experts

    What are your thoughts on dates for this 60F/T? Dunhill non posessive ,patent stamp,no year code
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    Comoys 409 Grand Slam

    I have just purchased this Grand slam and have a question for any one knowledgeable on Comoys. I have never seen a grand Slam with this stinger is it original? .I wish to remove it when I get the pipe to clean it well but I am not sure if it is screw in or push fit Any idea on age.I am thinking...
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    F/S Two Ashton X Sovereign Pipes 10/2/20

    375 USD or 290 GBP including shipping worldwide A pair of Bill Taylor era Ashton Sovereign Pipes,stamped 8 to indicate 1988 these pipes are in good condition with only a small amount of rim darkening.featuring lovely cumberland stems these pipe. it is unusual to find the X size and these...
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    Peterson Spigot xl90

    I picked up an xl90 pipe that although not technically a system pipe as it has a fishtail stem does have the sump.this pipe although lightly smoked looks like it has never seen a pipe cleaner or sump clean.The sump was full of old ash and tar. I am currently soaking the stem and bowl with cotton...
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    How To Delete Messages

    I have searched but cant seem to find the answer. My message box has quite a few in it and i would like to tidy it up but cant see a delete option in the choice at the bottom of the page. Am I going some thing wrong?
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    Removing A Stain From A Meerschaum Pipe

    is there a way to remove a stain from the outside of a meerschaum pipe I made the mistake of whilst doing a hot water flush on my pipe I picked it up and hadnt noticed my fingers had a sooty residue on it.I now have a brown mark on the outside of the bowl . I am reluctant to try to remove it...
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    One For The Detectives Bewlay Olde 49 Prince

    I have just picked up this nice looking Prince from the bay. So who made it any ideas? I know the olde 49 range was slightly higher than standard and hope some one can narrow down the maker by shape number/COM mark etc
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    CAO I Bekler Meerschaum Question

    I have just picked up this CAO pipe and wonder what type of tenon did they use.i wont have it for about 2 weeks but dont want to break it as soon as I try to remove the stem to give it a good clean
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    My First Meer

    So I came across this meer and after scanning the pictures decided to make an offer,which was accepted. I am now the owner of this Aktas meer. It wasnt very expensive and appears to have a conventional tenon so hopefully wont suffer from the restricted draw problem. I searched around the net and...
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    Required re Gourd Calabash

    I am awaiting delivery of an estate Gourd Calabash and require advice on cleaning up the gourd and meerschaum insert.Also ongoing maintenance .i have searched past threads but they are old.i wonder what current thinking is. Also a question the stem/mortice piece is threaeded into the gourd.I...
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    Wheres The Pipe Section Gone?

    maybe i am blind but I cant find the section that had seperate threads for Brit pipes Italian pipes etc
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    A Question About A Charatan's Distinction

    I have just bought this Charatan's Distinction pipe and it has EX in a box marked on the shank.I have never seen this before does any one know what it means .Im looking at you Ken Barnes in particular.
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    no messages in inbox

    Not sure where to post this so please move to correct forum. I am getting a message on my e-mail saying private message received,but if I go to my account/ messages /inbox it says You have no messages in your inbox. however if i follow the link from my e-mail I open a message from this site...
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    GBD Canadian

    Does anyone know about this GBD Grade,marked promotion shape number S16 there is the GBD rondelle on the mouthpiece
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    Comoy's Zulu 87

    I have aquired this Comoy,s Grand Slam and I am waiting for it to arrive.My question is when was the Grand Slam discontinued? i am trying to date it ,I cant see from the photos if it is a 3 part C I will find out on arrival
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    Using a Zippo

    I have a Zippo pipe lighter and struggle to pull the flame into the bowl.I need to rest the lighter nearly on top of the rim of the pipe and then seem to have to really draw hard to pull the flame down.What am I doing wrong? I have been using an IM Corona old boy lighter but have managed to...
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    Corona Old Boy Problem

    I have a problem with my old boy lighter,it has become increasingly difficult to light.The problem is the striker/thumb wheel assembly will not spin freely. I have removed the flint and cleaned everything but still the same.On dismantling the screw that holds the wheel in I find there appears...