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  1. rmpeeps

    Ascanian No. 1 VS Ascanian No. 2

    Ascanian No.1 has been my main go-to blend for over a year. I prefer VaOri blends, and the lighter interplay of Perique pleases me.
  2. rmpeeps

    What Are You Listening To? - April, 2021

    The Mavericks. Saw them last Saturday at ACL Live - Moody Theater. This was their 5th song of the night, and they ran the instrumental chord progression for about 3 minutes; louder and Louder and LOUDER! People cried, not feeling such energy for a year.
  3. rmpeeps

    Songs with the Greatest Opening Lines

    I’m hungry, let’s do this “fucker”.
  4. rmpeeps

    The Tobbacolypse: Would it Affect You at All?

    I’m good for as long as I last. I’ve been told I’m “unfuckable”, more than once.
  5. rmpeeps

    Need Advice On Large Package Shipping

    Call it infrastructure and get some alternative funding.
  6. rmpeeps

    [Guns] Let's See What's in the Safe!

    Our housekeeper is outstanding at hiding things, much to my dismay!
  7. rmpeeps

    Mmmm, Peanut Butter!

    Yep, not the best phrase I ever used! :( Wanna know what goes into your corn flakes?!!
  8. rmpeeps

    [Guns] Let's See What's in the Safe!

    Let’s just say there was a reason she was “high maintenance.”
  9. rmpeeps

    Mmmm, Peanut Butter!

    The best peanut butter I’ve ever had came from the Texas Department of Corrections at Huntsville.
  10. rmpeeps

    [Guns] Let's See What's in the Safe!

    Yep. My brother used to work offshore on 14 day hitches. His then wife kept a 44 Magnum Dirty Harry at the bedside. She said “Any intruder might see her naked, but it would be the last thing he ever saw.”
  11. rmpeeps

    R.I.P. Larry McMurtry

    My great-aunt was his HS English teacher back in Archer City. She always said “He used a lot of words I didn’t teach him!” RIP
  12. rmpeeps

    Texas Bill to Prohibit Sale of Flavored Tobacco

    Just to be fair, please investigate who dropped a couple billion dollars into the vape industry a couple of years back.
  13. rmpeeps

    Texas Bill to Prohibit Sale of Flavored Tobacco

    My pet doesn’t hate me. He loves my wife, literally dotes on her, but he always eyes me as “the one who does things to me”. I do the bathing, the pilling, the checking of his bobos, but he still hops in and sleeps with me about once a week and fully expects a “no leash romp” every night about...
  14. rmpeeps

    Disaster Struck at Pipestud's Consignment Shop!

    Do an auction. I bid one horse’s leg. It’s an offer you can’t refuse.
  15. rmpeeps

    Disaster Struck at Pipestud's Consignment Shop!

    Well that’s what you get for driving those N.Texas three-legged horses. Come on down, I’ll sell you a real horse (bring that tin with you for a decent deal) !!
  16. rmpeeps

    The New(er) Crowd

    I second their first and second amendments, non-figuratively.
  17. rmpeeps

    Anyone Else LOVE Ten Russians as Much as Me? I Cannot Smoke Enough of this Stuff.

    I think Ernie already did a Scottish dingleberry blend!
  18. rmpeeps

    Vaccination Appointment So Far

    My Mom, 87, was signed up for 10 days before her first Moderna Shot from Austin Public Health; second shot scheduled for this Friday. My wife and I were signed up for 4 days before getting the first shot at APH, hoping to schedule second shots toward the end of next week. I’ve got no problems...
  19. rmpeeps

    Substitute for Carolina Red Flake

    Seriously, try a 50/50 rubbed out mixture of C&D’s Opening Night and Interlude. They are both readily available and I appreciate the mix more than CRF.