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  1. NightShayde

    Review of the 5

    Earlier this month, I received 5 blends in hopes of finding the right NIC hit and here are my reviews: Five Brothers: smokes and tastes like cayenne pepper, no nicotine at all even being the first pipe of the day... serious disappointed Gawith Black Twist: earthy taste, no nicotine hit Gawith...
  2. NightShayde

    New Order

    I just ordered from smokingpipes: Gawith Black Twist Gawith Brown Twist Five Brothers Peterson Sherlock Holmes Grand Courier Jackpot I have been on the hunt for heavy hitters in nicotine and I am hoping both twists and five brothers, either separate or combined, will do it for me. I really...
  3. NightShayde

    On the Hunt for the Strongest Nicotine

    Okay.. I have a very high nicotine tolerance and I am in search of a blend or straight tobacco that will knock me on my ass with the amount of nicotine. I have tried several blends that people say have high nicotine but doesnt. I have Stokkebye 314 Dark Fired Kentucky, I have tried Royal Yacht...
  4. NightShayde

    Reviewing The Blood Moon

    So, I was gifted many blends of cherry tobacco.. I hate cherries by the way. One of those blends was Cult Red Blood Moon. This blend is not bad at all. Very lightweight, smooth, easy smoke and overall an enjoyable smoke. Would I smoke this everyday? No. But definitely every week. If you are...
  5. NightShayde

    Plum Pudding Alteration

    Okay... I have reviewed Seattle Pipe Club's Plum Pudding here before and I stated I did not like it at all. Today, my fiancee told me to try it again. Once I opened the tin, I noticed an immediate different tin note and it was very moist. Come to find out that 1 month ago she put whiskey in the...
  6. NightShayde

    The Meerschaum Foursome Review

    To begin, I would like to say that these blends totally took me by surprise. Country Gentlemen: This blend is very light and smooth. Each time I draw on this, it reminds me of a glass of sweet tea with a splash of lemon and mint. Very much a front porch spring/summer smoke. What is surprising...
  7. NightShayde

    4 Blend Review

    Stokkebye Highland Whiskey: This is the second order I have made of this blend because I truly enjoy it. Lightly sweet, great nicotine curb and a great taste/aroma. An excellent blend for a beginner as well as more vintage pipers. You truly cannot go wrong with this blend. Peterson Royal Yacht...
  8. NightShayde

    Just Received Another Haul

    Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane Spindle pipe & 4 blends from them
  9. NightShayde

    Mail Haul

    Top Left: Stokkebye Highland Whiskey Top Right: C&D Big N Burley Bottom Left: Peterson Connoisseur's Choice Bottom Right: Peterson Royal Yacht Stayed Tuned for my review breakdown..
  10. NightShayde

    Rehydrating Tobacco

    What are your opinions on rehydrating tobacco? Is it necessary? If so, when should one rehydrate and how? How often?
  11. NightShayde

    Battle of the Pipe Cleaners

    BJ Long vs Falcon Dill vs Brigham Capri vs Mac Baren Savinelli vs Decatur Either choose the Ultimate Winner or choose the winner for each and then throughout the bracket.
  12. NightShayde

    The Flake Haul

    I recently received 3 flake blends and would like to tell you what I think from a beginner's perspective. Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding: I was truly hoping for some sort of fruity sweetness in this blend but nope. I heard all the rave reviews as to how great this blend is... not for me. It's...
  13. NightShayde

    Pipes 2 Blends?

    I can understand the need to have at least 2 pipes.. one for aromatics and another for non-aromatics. However, would it be wise to have a pipe for liqueur blends, one for Vaper blends, another for strictly isolated blend like virginias or periques, etc.. ?
  14. NightShayde

    New Haul Review

    Capstan: This is definitely a very classic blend. Has a slight spicy kick, very woody and an overall great smoke. The flavor is not to rave about but if you are looking for a relaxing smoke, this blend is nice to have. C&D: The Beast: I knew what I was getting when I ordered this and it didn't...
  15. NightShayde

    3 New Blends I just Received

    I will just bundle my experiences with 3 blends I just received instead of wasting everyone's time reading separate ones. Paladin: Room note is very pleasant, doesn't taste like cherries but has a nice sweetness to it, burn rate is adequate. Would I buy this again? No. But I did enjoy Paladin...
  16. NightShayde

    Lane 1Q Perfection

    They said this blend was perfect for beginners and it truly is... really for any level smoker. Absolute perfection. So light, airy, flavorful, sweet but not too sweet. I truly love this blend and will buy a shit ton of it :)
  17. NightShayde

    Brown Discoloration on Pipe

    I have a Rossi Lucca 611 EX Dublin which is less than 2 weeks old. I noticed that there is some brown discoloration on the underneath of the shank.. where it sits as it is flat in that area. What is causing this and how can I fix it since it's such a new pipe?
  18. NightShayde

    Much Respect To The Forum

    I am approaching 3 weeks as a pipe smoker and this forum has been an invaluable resource of learning and comradery. I would like to take the time to thank the forum itself as a whole, the admins/moderators, the sponsors and of course all of it's members for creating and sustaining an amazing...
  19. NightShayde

    Does the YTPC Need New Blood?

    I have a successful podcast and an up and coming YT channel so I was thinking I may start another YT channel based solely on pipe smoking from a beginner's perspective. Then I thought that the YTPC is already flooded so why bother? Your thoughts?...
  20. NightShayde

    Codger Tryout

    I just placed my first order on as I normally use P&C. I decided to try the classics with an added feature. I order Paladin Black Cherry 1.5oz , Half & Half 1.5oz , Velvet 1.5oz and Lane 1Q 2oz. I kind of feel that getting those codger blends is somewhat of a right of passage. I...