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  1. jefff

    My First Cellaring Mistake.

    I just finished a tin of McC Wilderness. I have 4 left, and that will not be enough. Let this be a lesson.
  2. jefff

    Thanks To Banjo.

    Not only does he know about pipes but he is an excellent resource for fly rods. He just gave me some great advice...that I will not share because it could cost me money..:) Obfuscation is acceptable is is even encouraged.
  3. jefff


    Has anyone heard from Michael? Any word on how he is doing?
  4. jefff

    Italian spruce guitar?

    I know there are some guitar players here. I am seriously contemplating a Bourgieos OMS. The 12 fret OM model. Does anyone have any experience with Italian spruce? While I am sure it would be a fine finger style guitar I am wondering about the head room when spanking it with a pick. Anyone?
  5. jefff

    Eltang Mini Aj

    Anyone have one of these? or a Mini Poker? I am just wondering how tiny they really are.
  6. jefff

    My new Cutty

    Based almost entirely on his web site I commissioned a Cutty from Todd at BST. We were rather loose on the specs. I wanted a smallish pipe with a slightly bent stem. For the money I was spending I was expecting a blast, which is cool with me. He delivered a lovelly smooth flame grained pipe. He...
  7. jefff

    New Orleans!

    My wife took me to New Orleans for my birthday. We got in from Chicago this morning and I am now wearing a tee shirt....OUTSIDE! That's is all.
  8. jefff


    I made a deal with myself a long time ago that I would have one pipe by any one carver. I don't want a collection of pipes as much as I want a collection of pipes that I smoke regularly. I also decided not to keep a pipe that wasn't a superb smoker. This has cost me some time and too much money...
  9. jefff

    RO Perique Blends Are In Stock.

    At P&C if anyone is interested.
  10. jefff

    The Elephant In The Room

    Assuming the new FDA regs go in to effect as they are, what happens to the blenders? Are Russ and Greg and Jeremy and to a lesser extant Mike and Mary out of jobs?
  11. jefff

    Corona Pipemaster

    There is a lot of talk about the Old Boys. Does anyone use or prefer the Pipemaster?
  12. jefff

    Glp And Aging.

    I have often thought that many of Gregs blends were.....a bit unfinished when new and I always saw that as a negative. Given the uncertainty of the future of the availability of some blends I think this may be a good thing. For instance I love Chelsea Morning but I find it really hits it's...
  13. jefff


    I want to thank Banjo and Cosmic for convincing me to try one. I got a Becker "pot" about two weeks ago. I would call it a short billiard but anyway, it smokes brilliantly. I have a small selection of very fine pipes and this is a good as any of them and better than some. It is a mid level 2 of...
  14. jefff

    Royal Yacht?

    Does it ghost a pipe? It has been 30 years since I have smoked anything "aromatic"....if that is what the Yacht is. I have a few cobs for trying different blends, but will it ghost a briar?
  15. jefff

    Unsmoked Pipes.

    I recently PM'd Peck about a pipe, asking him how it smoked. He replied he hadn't smoked it yet but had smoked others by the same maker and that I would not be disappointed. How long do people wait to smoke a new pipe? Do you hold it for a special moment? Do you have so many that it takes a...
  16. jefff

    A Question For Carvers.

    We all know that smooth pipes are more expensive but it seems to me that a NICE quality blast takes more time. Am I correct? Or just plain wrong.
  17. jefff

    Anyone Own A J&J?

    I was wondering if anyone has smoked these pipes and can give some kind of review?
  18. jefff

    I Love Virginias.

    So can someone recommend a Burley blend that I might enjoy?
  19. jefff

    Southern California?

    I will be in Marina Del Rey, Palms Springs, and Joshua Tree next week. Can a person smoke a pipe outside in SoCal? Should I even bother to bring one?
  20. jefff


    Does anyone have any experience with the Petite Rusticated series? Specifically the Cutty? It has been 20 years at least since I smoked a Sav and I generally buy.....more expensive pipes but the shape is speaking to me.