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  1. eljimmy

    Briarworks / Moonshine Bent Egg.

    Just got this one in the mail. Really stoked on the leather blast and tortoise stem combo.
  2. eljimmy

    Hearth and Home Magnum Opus

    One of my favorites. Who here has NOT tried this?
  3. eljimmy

    My Tobacco Options

    I literally took everyones suggestions to heart. hahaha! The tough part is deciding what to smoke. Thank you to all that gave me great suggestions from day one. It has really made this 4 month old pipe experience a great one.
  4. eljimmy


    Mississippi River Special Reserve and Plum Pudding Special Reserve are damn tasty. I’m slowly stock piling these up. Funny thing that everyone labels MR as an English but SPC’s website says Virginia. Regardless, these are definitely in the rotation.
  5. eljimmy

    Mason Jars

    Ace is the place fellas. Been to 3 different locations for various things I needed for around the house. Checked for Mason Jars at all 3 and they all had plenty. Today I had to pick some up that I was running low on. So check Ace Hardware instead of Target.
  6. eljimmy

    Racine & Laramie. Old Town San Diego

    Made a quick stop while I was out there this past Sunday. Lots of old pipes in their little Museum. Cool little shop that you should visit if you're ever in SoCal.
  7. eljimmy

    White Sparkling Goodness

    I cracked open a couple of yesterdays purchases to enjoy and I was very happy to see all the sparkle Margate had. What surprised me was to see it in a pretty new tin of Westminster. But maybe it was plenty aged when they blended it. Anyhow, time to enjoy these. Happy Monday Margate Westminster
  8. eljimmy

    New Amber Mason Jars

    So now that Mason Jars are easier to find, they hit us with these amber versions. I know it doesn't matter and a jar is a jar but still pretty cool.
  9. eljimmy

    Gawith Hoggarth Dark Birds Eye

    Oh man. Glad I had a steak dinner before this one. Really good but it’s strength really surprised me. I was lucky enough to find 2oz of this. Will definitely smoke more. The first retrohale caught me by surprise. Hahaha!!
  10. eljimmy

    Morgan Bones Pipes

    Got my order in today. Cool little pipes! Going to try one out tonight. One will definitely be going with me to the office when we reopen. Maybe with a tin of Cult Blood Red Moon as to not offend anyone if the tobacco in my desk drawer starts to smell. Hahaha!
  11. eljimmy

    Missouri Meerschaum Now Owns Old Dominion

  12. eljimmy

    Pouch Tobacco

    Hitting the wilderness soon for a couple of days and I want to keep things simple with a Cob pipe and Pouch tobacco. I've only had Captain Black original and I wanted to know what pouch tobacco you would recommend? Feels silly asking this since I feel I have some great tobacco in hand. Let me...
  13. eljimmy

    Limited Edition Mac Baren Latakia Rolls

    Smoking this combo right now and call me crazy but this tastes a lot like the Match 20 I smoked yesterday. Not exact but a lot like it.
  14. eljimmy

    Sutliff Ceramic Jar

    Do any of you guys use these for actual tobacco storage? The seal does not seem to be all that tight. Wondering if it's good to use or if it's just decoration. My concern is I don't want the tobacco drying up or the smell to come out of it from the pound it will hold.
  15. eljimmy

    In Search Of Cornell And Diehl Latakia (02/28/21)

    How's it going? Does anyone have 1 tin of C&D Latakia they can spare? Shoot me a message if you do please. Thank you in advance
  16. eljimmy

    My Artwork

    Some of you showed interest in my art so I thought I'd post some here once in a while. This first one is a piece I created for ROOM 101 Cigars. Initially it started as a clean illustration but they shifted gears and wanted a more hand drawn feel. So I ended up re drawing the Samurai with more...
  17. eljimmy

    Tonight's Drawing

    Thought I'd share another one with you guys.
  18. eljimmy

    New Missouri Meerschaum x Dagner Pipe

    Pretty cool looking pipe. I'm liking that diamond shank.
  19. eljimmy

    Check Those New Cob Pipes Before You Smoke Them.

    Well..... a brand new over lacquered Missouri Meerschaum General Cob ruined my first bowl of Windjammer. If you buy one of these pipes make sure there isn't a bunch of lacquer up top. This crap started fizzing and caught fire on my second light. Used a soft flame too. BS. I could still taste...
  20. eljimmy

    Another Mac Baren Limited Edition

    How often do these Editions come out? The Limited part, not the actual Tobacco.