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  1. mayfair70

    What Music Are You Listening To? (December 2017)

    Steppenwolf - Screaming Night Hog
  2. mayfair70

    What Blend Have You Discovered This Year?

    Thanks Hawk!! They're on my next list. :worship:
  3. mayfair70

    What Music Are You Listening To? (December 2017)

    Meat Puppets - Huevos
  4. mayfair70

    Hello, My Name is Banjo and I Smoke a Pipe

    I REALLY disliked the look of bamboo on a pipe for so long. Now, I'm actually appreciating the unique beauty it imparts. I entirely blame YOU Banjo. :rofl: Keep on, keeping on, good sir, and may the road rise up to meet you wherever you go. :puffy:
  5. mayfair70

    Barontini Lost

    @Imgoldstein - Sorry to hear about your pipe. If it meant that much to you, honestly, you may have to buy DOZENS of wonderfully smoking and beautiful pipes before you find one to match your beloved Barontini. I can certainly think of worse fates. :wink:
  6. mayfair70

    A Profound Disturbance in The Force

    Duly noted. I thought it was a Ghostbusters reference. I'm staying tuned for another turgid episode of "Peck and Harris: The Wonder Years" not to be confused with the Broadway play, "Peck and Harris: Together Again"
  7. mayfair70

    What Blend Have You Discovered This Year?

    I've been enjoying the stinky goodness of St. Bruno ever since I sampled it in the Box Pass. All the stress and tedium just melts away when I taste that stuff. Oh, and the scented Gawiths have me by the short hairs now. :)
  8. mayfair70

    Lee Van Cleef Pipe

    I would have thought that in a spaghetti western, the pipes would have been Italian. That said, I have no clue. Nice work there Ken. Can't wait to see the finished product. :clap:
  9. mayfair70

    What Music Are You Listening To? (December 2017)

    The Police - Can't Stand Losing You Don't Stand So Close To Me Roxanne
  10. mayfair70

    What's On Your Christmas List?

    @Mikethompson - Sorry I derailed your thread... :crazy: Debbie Downer My Christmas list includes watching a fresh snowfall. It makes even a throbbing Hellscape look so lovely and tranquil. :puffy:
  11. mayfair70

    What's On Your Christmas List?

    Thanks guys. I'm already sorted. Luckily, I have very few items to move since everything is still in storage from the last two moves we made. It could be so much worse. Every day I wake up is a good day. :) I'm looking forward to cracking open my tin of St. Bruno Flake. It already has a year on...
  12. mayfair70

    What's On Your Christmas List?

    @Anthony - You'll shoot your eye out kid! :-) I want a landlord that isn't a selfish, neurotic, immature twat and that doesn't evict me two weeks before Christmas for NO reason at all. (sigh) On the bright side, I have one less present to buy. :mrgreen:
  13. mayfair70

    What Music Are You Listening To? (December 2017)

    Neil Diamond - Solitary Man
  14. mayfair70

    Jim's C&D Dreams of Kadath Review.

    Good review. I'll have to try this one as it sounds right up my alley. BTW, I was in a band called Kadath in the late 80's early 90's. They are running out of names seemingly. :)
  15. mayfair70

    Black Frigate

    @Lifesizehobbit - I hope the surgery goes well. We'll keep the Frigate afloat until you return, good sir. Best of luck to you. :puffy:
  16. mayfair70

    What Music Are You Listening To? (December 2017)

    Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers - Moanin' A Night In Tunisia
  17. mayfair70

    Flake Tobacco in Square Tins

    Ogden's of Liverpool's St. Bruno is still in a square tin as of Jan 2016, the date on my latest tin of flakes. Seal is intact. :-) I hear they can't stand Chinese water torture...
  18. mayfair70

    Big Neck? Anyone Else?

    :rofl: Some people just get heavier as they age. With any luck, This is in your future... I'm glad you guys are such good sports. It takes humility and a good sense of self worth to handle such humor. Another testament to the outstanding nature of the crew of the Black Frigate. :worship:
  19. mayfair70

    Big Neck? Anyone Else?

    Found a pic of Anthony and Duane going to a formal... :rofl: :rofl:
  20. mayfair70

    What is your dream B&M?

    @Jpmcwjr - It is the Szabo Ervin Library in Budapest, Hungary. I want to visit before I die. :worship: Yes, Persian rugs would be even better. :-)