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  1. elbert

    Back on the Road Tomorrow

    Last call! SWRA in a MM second.
  2. elbert

    New Watch, and Photos from Maine

    The watch quest is over. I tracked down my new Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Tough at Doland Jewellers in Davenport, IA. I also got out of the truck and spent a day this past week on the coast of Maine at Cape Elizabeth and Portland. Enjoy! (as I certainly did).
  3. elbert

    Talk to Me About Wrist Watches

    I used to wear a wristwatch all the time when I was a kid. Not sure why I needed to know the time; but then again I also used to carry a wallet even though I had no job and no money. When I did get a job the day I turned 16, my parents gave me a cell phone, the better to keep track of me. Since...
  4. elbert

    Western Texas Sunset - very Pic Heavy!

    Life on the road furnishes a number of fringe benefits, and I'm ashamed to say that after 9 months I am perhaps beginning to take some of them for granted. So it was that I found myself near a little town called Van Horn, Texas on Interstate 10, scrambling out of the freightliner to stand in awe...
  5. elbert

    Hiking in the Ozarks

    Did a bit of backpacking on Buffalo River Trail in northwest Arkansas. I bit off a little more than I could chew with the hike, so we bailed on day 2 of our 3 day trip. Our host-friend served up the most delicious spaghetti with meatballs tonight, and I followed it up with a bowl of Sir Walter...
  6. elbert

    An Evening in Salt Lake City

    Driving is a career that continues to offer strange prospects. So it was that I found myself in front of my hotel at three in the afternoon, thanking my driver and turning to assess my digs for the evening. The Kimball hotel is a modest pile a half block up from Temple Square, clad in brown...
  7. elbert

    A Trucker's Doggerel

    A Trucker's Doggerel Wit' comforts but few, for drink I've forsworn, In clothes on my back that were yesterday worn, On wheels eighteen by a wan yellow stripe Leavin' smoke from a diesel 'n' an old corn cob pipe. I've traveled this land with the wind at my side, with the snow in my path...
  8. elbert

    Iowa Airlift - Care Package From Neal

    Afternoon, ladies and gents! Some here will recall a bit of bad news I got last Friday. Today I get to report a bit of good news; two bits actually. First the new job. I found out today that I got accepted for a job at my carrier-of-choice out of Lincoln, NE. Second, I can report on the...
  9. elbert

    Laid Off at the Foundry

    I want to remember how I felt today. That's mainly what I'm thinking. Standing in the back yard with my old cob pipe, kissing the Capstan Blue with the lighter's flame, and watching the smoke curl up against the twilight sky. Not despair, or even sadness. Just...tension. Waiting. I had gone...
  10. elbert

    Happy Birthday, Old Boy.

    Hey, Henry. I know you probably don't think much of birthdays, but 200 years's special. Significant, somehow. Of course it's easy when you're dead--but you just can't seem to die, can you? At the pond I'd guess they've come out in droves; reading from your books, looking into that...
  11. elbert

    Welders, Tradesmen--Career Advice?

    Hey folks. Not sure where to begin, exactly--so I'll begin at the beginning. Skip to Bold for the short version. 8 years ago I graduated from high school. I did well on tests (got a 31 on the ACT, as an examlple), but as a scholar I was never better than middling. It was always a question of...
  12. elbert

    Happy Dwarves' New Year!

    Not to steal the thunder from that other thread (Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!), but I know I'm not the only part-time denizen of Middle-Earth hereabouts. As it happens, today (October 12-13) is the first day of the New Year on the lunar calendar of the Dwarves. It was during the New Moon of...
  13. elbert

    Slowing Down with Sixpence

    Labor Day. Shop's closed, dishes are done--laundry whirling away in the machine downstairs. A chance to slow down a bit, take her easy. "Maybe today?" I've been asking myself that a lot lately. It might have been six months ago when I bought that first tin of Sixpence, but until now the answer...
  14. elbert

    Posting From Under a Bridge... does that make me a troll? :twisted: Sorry, guys, I couldn't resist! Don't have to be at my second job until 5:30, but it's close enough to my full time job that I didn't bother heading home. I was looking for a quiet place outdoors to read my book out of the sun--and the creek drew me...
  15. elbert

    Need a Good Rocking Chair

    'allo, pipers! I'll be moving to a new apartment in August, and since I'll be living alone this time, I want to set up the living room for smoking. I won't have any other use for it, and I can't bear the thought of another winter of abstinence. I move rather too frequently, so while I hope to...
  16. elbert

    Giving Up the Ghost

    ...Or, at least, the ghastly. Rest In Peace, Christopher Lee.
  17. elbert

    Pipe Cane

    Does anybody have ~$543 burning a hole in their pocket? Feel free to skip the anecdote... I've been on the lookout for a multi-section hiking stick for a while now, and recently that desire was revived when I came across a certain rather quaint Victorian oddity--the "telescope" walking stick...
  18. elbert

    Seven Curses (on an Outdoor Pipe Smoker)

    That Seven days shall be a' raining, That Six winds won't cease a' blowing, That Five Months shall be a' freezing, That Four neighbors be a' coughing, That Three-score years ye'll be a' renting, That Two storms shall be a' raging, So that even one pipe ye shan't be smoking. My Zippo put up...
  19. elbert

    A New Pipe, and a New Pouch

    Bear with me, Gentlemen, this here's a biggun'. We'll laugh, we'll cry--hell, we might even learn something. But mostly we'll just look at some pictures--lots and lots of pictures. You see, I happen to be a proud owner of a Sorringowl and Sons Signature Pipe and Tobacco Pouch. I've posted here...
  20. elbert

    Bamboo Pipe Tool

    I came up with an interesting little idea today while laying out the design for a new hiking-friendly leather pipe pouch I'm working on (a separate thread on that to come later in the week, I pinky-swear). Part of the design will involve a detachable carry case for a Zippo and a pipe tool--but...