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    Your Top 5 Pipes

    Some years ago @fishnbanjo started a most interesting thread, which I thought I'd revive. Please nominate and show (photos please):- 1) Your most elegant pipe 2) Your most true to form (ie classic shape) pipe 3) Your most unique pipe 4) Your most smoked pipe 5) Your oldest pipe I'll...
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    Peterson Experts - Help Please

    I received this estate silver-banded Peterson XL 90, and was pleasantly surprised it was unsmoked. Can any of the resident Peterson experts tell me which Series it belongs to ?
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    Altering The Look Of A Pipe

    I bought this Stanwell featherweight in the '70s. Unfortunately the stem got horribly oxidised and no amount of alcohol and pipe cleaners could get the rank sulphurous taste out. I sent it to a The Danish Pipe Shop and requested a shorter acrylic stem with a slight bend. I much prefer the new...
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    The Weather and Piping

    I live in Sydney, Australia where the weather is temperate most of the year. I only smoke outside - front porch or in the backyard. However after a mostly mild summer, we have just had 4 days of @ 40C (@ 100F) temperatures - much too hot (at least for me) to be outside enjoying a smoke - apart...
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    How Glossy or Shiny Do You Like Your Pipes ?

    I like pipes with a soft waxed glossy finish. After a smoke, I always clean the pipe with some pipe cleaners and buff the bowl with a soft cloth impregnated with Halcyon wax or Mark Hoover's "Before and After Restoration Balm" ahead of the next smoke. I'm put off by pipes with a high gloss...
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    Dirty Estate Pipes

    Disclaimer: I buy a lot of estate pipes A lot of the estate pipes I buy cost less than USD$50, and a few more than USD$300 (which I categorise as expensive, being an estate) The pipes arrive in all conditions - from pristine condition to having 50years of cake in the bowl and a mortise and stem...
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    Hi Everyone From Sydney, Australia

    After a few years of gleaning much information, knowledge, tips and sage advice from the members of this Forum, I have decided, with the encouragement of Al "SS" Jones, to join your most informative and entertaining community with a host of diverse, but nonetheless valid, opinions and tastes in...