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  1. LEP7cv

    Pocket Pipes

    Hello fellows pipers! I recently bought these, ranger and pipo from BigBen around 10 cms / 4 inches , I know they've also got the 108S I grew fond of pocket pipes! Can anyone post theirs and tell me what other pipes are there in this category that I might like?
  2. LEP7cv

    Dusty Big Ben Pipo

    someone is asking 20€ for the lot, naming them decorative pipes, I see a Pipo!! Gonna get it for 8€ and give him a new life
  3. LEP7cv

    Tobacconists Pipe Makers Silver Hallmarks

    Here's something interesting (which already helped me in a couple occasions):
  4. LEP7cv

    Midway Pipe Filling - "Ethical Question"

    So, there was a guy I saw that was smoking a bowl, and after a while, in the end of the second third, stuffs more tobacco there and proceeds to light it and kept going... How normal is it? Seemed not that ethical to me.. I know that each one does his thing but.. just asking...
  5. LEP7cv

    Time Capsule for the Future

    Here's 40 cigars I'm ageing! Nicaraguan, Dominican Republic and Honduran, all top notch!:D See you in 2 years!
  6. LEP7cv

    Old Catalogs

    For those who don't know already: you gotta love Archive! also check:
  7. LEP7cv

    Purge Your Cigar

    Hi there, since I've learned this I never forget to do it, and improved my smoking experience quite a bit. I do it in the first ashdrop, and then in the final third, try it! Brian explains it good here: Shoutout to him!
  8. LEP7cv

    From Portugal

    Hello, 40 from Portugal! Stopped smoking those nasty cigs in 2014 (best thing I ever did), then I had a period of no smoking at all, this year I've started smoking a pipe (best thing I ever did). I'm not at risk of going back to cigs and I'm really enjoying this new aspect of my life. puffy
  9. LEP7cv

    Some French Pipe Patents

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Hello, while I was researching the pipe I posted earlier ("FOG" Pipe) the guys at the Archives of the "Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle" provide me these ones...
  10. LEP7cv

    Big Ben Ranger

    So...second post from this new member! Just to share this lovely pipe I bought, I'm thinking of soaking the stem in oxyclean and then polish it with wim/cif , the B will probably lose the white... but I don't mind much, I'll be using this for the morning pipe with coffee!
  11. LEP7cv

    "FOG" Pipe

    Hello there, just posting a recent pipe I've acquired. This is a real special one, was developed around the 1920's, judging by the reference in the Annuaire du commerce Didot-Bottin, from 1925: Here's some photos: this thing smokes brilliantly! As far as I can see, it's a real rare piece...