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  1. Birddog66

    Help With A Unmarked Pipe

    I just got this rather unusual pipe in the mail today, a recent eBay purchase. I’ve checked pipedia and smokingmetal but the closest (but not that close) was unknown. It’s a push stem design, vulcanite stem, pretty standard, milled aluminium shank and the most remarkable point, the twin “gunk”...
  2. Birddog66

    Mystery Monogram

    He everyone, I found what looked like a 50’s or60’s modernist looking Pipe on eBay the other day but while trying to investigate the possible maker it was cruelly snatched away. I’ve drawn it (poorly) to give you a idea of what i t looked like and most importantly the monogram on the mouthpiece...
  3. Birddog66

    I’m Looking For A Screw

    I recently brought a few Benlow Golmet lighters online, a Motorist and two smaller lighters that as far as I know don’t have a specific name but seem to be their most common model. The plain aluminium one came complete but the gold plated one came without the screw that retains the flint. I know...
  4. Birddog66

    UK Tobacco Limitations

    I’m having trouble getting American brands here in Britain. I was recently sent some GL Pease Gaslight and Regents Flake from a member and have to ration them, especially the Gaslight, as I don’t know when I’ll be able to get more. If any Brits out there know where I can find it over here I’d...
  5. Birddog66

    How Old Is Too Old?

    I have an opportunity to buy some Flake tobacco from the 1940’s and I have no idea if it will be able to be brought back to life. It’s in its original box and is unopened and probably wrapped in paper foil or waxed paper. Either way I end up with some beautiful old tobacco packets.
  6. Birddog66

    Japanese Pipes

    I recently brought a Kisarai (sp) in a local antique shop and I’m wondering if anyone has actually tried Japanese tobacco? I hear it’s finely cut like hair and is quite harsh. Has anyone tried it with the proper tobacco and is it available in the UK? I use mine for a quick smoke if I’m about to...
  7. Birddog66

    Falcon Pipes

    I imagine this has been asked before but forgive me for asking, what’s the general consensus on Falcon pipes? I just got an estate in the mail this morning, a standard with two bowls, a bulldog and a Genoa. I’ve smoked from both today with different tobaccos and I must admit that I’m really...
  8. Birddog66

    Buying Tobacco Online

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Can anyone tell me which online tobacco stores deliver quickest. Are there any out there that have next day delivery as standard? I’m currently going through C-Gars and they’re customer service is great but I ordered on a Thursday morning and...
  9. Birddog66

    Rough Rider Pipe Doctor

    I brought my Roger’s to accompany this RR pipe doctor, it a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, the scales are tobacco bone and the blade took the hairs off my arm. The butt end of the handle is smooth but not a dedicated tamper and to use it you have to take the blade out. A lovely knife but...
  10. Birddog66

    Perfect Lighting

    I’m curious as to what most of you think is the best pipe lighter out there. I recently brought this online and it lights the bowl very evenly without scorching the rim. The wick burns down really quickly though and I’m wondering if that’s common to this type of lighter or if it just an inferior...
  11. Birddog66

    Who’s Fond of Opera?

    Afternoon everyone, this is the first pipe I ever brought, it was from a Salvation Army charity shop in South Chicago and it cost me a hefty $2.50. There’s a crack in the top of the bowl and the bowl itself had more carbon than Han Solo. The lad in the tobacconist had to give it a really good...
  12. Birddog66

    My Mystery Pipes

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Hi everyone, I recently purchased two beautiful pipes from a local antique shop, they both have silver bands which I’ve dated to 1922 and both have the initials M.P.P. Co on the band. I’m not sure however if that’s the makers name or the...
  13. Birddog66

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone I’m Jason aka birddog66, I’m currently smoking a beautiful 100 year old Pipe I found in a local antique shop. I’m hoping someone will help me identify the maker once I’ve found my way around. All the best.