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  1. edger

    Pipe Smokers Who have Settled on a Few Standbys

    I've found that in 50 years of pipe smoking I've followed more of a process of elimination than of variety. In the beginning I had to try everything. I couldn't pass a tobacconist without buying a few tins out of curiosity. Slowly I found out the differences in types of leaf and found myself...
  2. edger

    Help! My Zippo Won't Spark.

    Just put a new Zippo flint in my lighter and the wheel jams up and won't turn. Very frustrating. Any suggestions? I've had this one for 35 years and this is the first time it's caused me problems.
  3. edger

    Forum Feature That Allowed Search By State

    I'm aware of privacy issues, but I suspect that, as Covid restrictions( and fears) ease, some members might like to be aware of members at least in their state. Members can opt out by not Registering their locations already. Just a thought. Sorting by state might encourage valuable friendships.
  4. edger

    Help With PFAD Needed!

    I have a bad case of PFAD. It keeps me from doing what I want/should be doing. It's interfering with my marriage and leaves me ashamed and depressed. A family intervention is being whispered about behind my back. I don't think I can handle it much longer. I need help. PFAD is one of those...
  5. edger

    I am a Survivor of Prostate Cancer

    Hi guys. I thought it might be instructive to post my experience with prostate cancer. Mine was discovered very early by my GP because of my family history. This was in 2009. I chose the radical prostatectomy so I could be sure I wouldn’t repeat my fathers experience. Not a pleasant memory...
  6. edger

    Overuse Of Acronyms Can Frustrate Newbies

    I have posted this before, and the wave of new members prompts me to do it again. We can all help the new members by spelling out our references. Opinions?
  7. edger

    Pipe Ashtray With Accessory Organizer Frustrations

    Why is it so hard to find a small ashtray/organizer to put on the side table next to my chair? I don't necessarily want a pipe rest as I have a rack elsewhere, and I don't' want a humidor as I smoke various blends. I don't need or want 12 pipes sitting next to me. What I do want is a one piece...
  8. edger

    Questions About Peter Stokkebye Cube Cut PS41

    Hi guys and gals! How would this compare with Sutliff RR(Edgeworth Match). I quite like the match but I have to dry the hell out of it to reduce the cocoa casing so I can taste the burley. The PS has some Virginia and that might sweeten the burley enough for me. Any opinions or observations...
  9. edger

    Opinions Regarding Stokkebye PS 41 Cube Cut

    This blend sounds like a good VaBur to me. The descriptions say this blend is free of casings and has a "pure" tobacco taste. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  10. edger

    Cloth With Jewelers Rouge For Vulcanite Stems

    I want to use a slightly abrasive cloth to keep oxidation at bay with my vulcanite stems. I would appreciate any recommendations and/or opinions. I've tried toothpaste,etc. I'm not talking about restoring but maintaining! My mouth chemistry seems to leave even a new stem susceptible to a...
  11. edger

    Went Full Keto Last Week. Any Others?

    I was disgusted with how heavy I've become so my wife and I decided Keto makes the most sense scientifically. I've read all of Gary Taubes books and done a it of research online. Amazing that the standard food pyramid was topsy turvy for so many decades. The noble goal of getting relatively...
  12. edger

    C&D Derringer: Cellaring Concerns

    I just bought 4 lbs of Derringer this week and I have some questions re cellaring. Most C&D blends come quite dry and, for me, are ready to smoke. Is there any advantage to adding a small amount of moisture to the aging process? Do virginias improve over time left dry? Any ideas or thought...
  13. edger

    Are Silicone Pipe Cloths Good For Vulcanite Stems?

    I'm not a lover of oxidation. Is silicone good for maintaining a new vulcanite or ebonite stem. I want something that won't negatively affect the stem and is easier than oil. I've used Flitz on occasion but the impregnated cloths used after every smoke seems convenient. Any thoughts? BTW I'm...
  14. edger

    Show Us Your Bullcaps!

    I just got a new bullcap from Mike Billington at Blakemar Briars. Smokes great, as per usual. Anyone else have one?
  15. edger

    Help With Cellaring Bulk Tobacco

    My paranoia re the future of pipe smoking has gotten to me. My assumptions regarding the price and quality of leaf in the future moves me to want to stockpile bulk blends. My questions: If I order poundage from SP, do they come in one pound bags even if I order multiple poundage? Are the...
  16. edger

    Let's Hear From The Ex-pats!

    I only half qualify as a ex-pat but I'm interested in your stories from and to various countries.
  17. edger

    First Grabow In 40 Years. I'm Impressed!

    I haven't bought a Grabow in decades. The ones I owned always had that hard shiny lacquer and were less than impressive. This new one is a Royal Duke and has a matte finish and is a smooth apple shape. Yes, it has a black bowl coating. This pipe seems well made and has decent grain. If this...
  18. edger

    Best Temporary Storage Until Mason Jars Available Again

    I prefer Mason style jars for tobacco storage but they are out of stock everywhere but online. Online 12 jars cost about 9 bucks but shipping is 23 bucks. Will zip locks work? I really don't trust their seals much. My wife has Food Saver but they might off gas. I've read about Mylar bags...
  19. edger

    Edgeworth(Sutliff Match) vs Edgeworth Sliced

    When I was a kid we used to send my Irish grandfather Edgeworth RR because he said he liked Edgeworth, but I suspect he meant Sliced. I smoked a lot of Sliced years ago and I quite liked it, although in those days I inhaled heartily. The RR never seemed even remotely similar to the Sliced in...
  20. edger

    Tony Rice RIP

    One of the greats of guitar has left us. Put him on Spotify and be amazed. Rest In Peace, Tony.