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  1. cshubhra

    Mike Couch Strawberry Briar Devil 👿 Anse

    I recently purchased this Strawberry Briar Devil 👿 Anse pipe from Mike Couch. Quite happy 😊 with the purchase! 1. Excellent airway drilling and air flow and smokes effortlessly 2. The pipe smokes quite dry. Excellent moisture management 3. The pipe burns a little hotter than briar which I...
  2. cshubhra

    What! Are You Drinking? - March 2021

    Started the evening with a quintessential highland- Dalwhinnie 15 yo.
  3. cshubhra

    My Savinelli Chubby Author

    My IPSD purchase arrived just in time to do a grand reveal. I have always appreciated the Savinelli Chubby Author shape (320 KS). Finally managed to get one. Most of my pipes were bought used, but for a change I bought this new. Will start to break this in from evening 1. It is from the...
  4. cshubhra

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Padron 1926 Serie Natural
  5. cshubhra

    Easy Margarita Recipe With At Home Item?

    I felt a craving for Margarita so I went out and got some supply. However I feel the weakest link in my Margarita is the ready made mix from Jose Cuervo which tastes artificial. So what could be a very sweet Margarita recipe with what I have at home? I have 1. Patron Tequila 2. Cointreau 3...
  6. cshubhra

    Preparing Sweet Coconut Twist To Smoke

    Step by step preparation of Gawith Hoggarth & Co Sweet Coconut Twist 1. I bought it from Ken Byron Ventures. Ken packs in Mylar bags. So as a first step got the tobacco and my Opinel Carbon knife, whose sole purpose of existence is chopping tobacco . Using the back side of the chopping board to...
  7. cshubhra

    Some Of The Worlds Hottest Spices

    A pinch of ghost pepper and a drop of Carolina Reaper on my tongue... and it’s still burning after ten minutes ... Looks like these will last a very long time!
  8. cshubhra

    Jess Chonowitsch

    Just came in the mail today! The photos don’t do justice on how beautiful this pipe is - Tight 360 degree straight grain at the bowl and the shank, birds-eye at the bottom.
  9. cshubhra

    Opening A Solani 779 From 2002 With Syrian Latakia

    This is the most aged tin I am smoked so far. This is not the first time I am smoking Syrian Latakia, but when I had smoked it the first time, I was a very new smoker. The tobacco flavor is very light. I can still taste the slightly savory, very mildly smokey Latakia, and it reminds me of...
  10. cshubhra

    Custom Group Pipe By Kaywoodie - (From a Different Pipe Group)

    A different pipe group which I am also a part of, did a custom commission for a group pipe. The whole project was managed by @crashthegrey and made by Bill Feyurbach We were amused / excited with photos / videos of the pipes being made, every week. I got mine in hand today. Will smoke it in a...
  11. cshubhra

    What Are You Drinking - September 2020

    1. Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban Port Cask Finish 14 yo 2. Laphroaig Quarter Cask
  12. cshubhra

    Meerschaum Coloring Status Report

    I have often wondered how a Meerschaum would color. There are quite a few many questions on coloring as well. While I understand there cannot be true objectivity in this, as there are multitude of factors. I have however tried to bring in some objectivity. Here is the set up. 1. Lighting is...
  13. cshubhra

    Question On Relativity Paradox - Ravens Eyes and Luxury Bullseye 🎯 Flake

    I am smoking Ken Byron Ventures Ravens Eye, and quite impressed by it. Now I want to know how does it compare with its twin - The Luxury Bullseye Flake (Both fresh and aged)
  14. cshubhra

    My Latest - “Saseini” Sic Four Dot Amesbury (Sasieni)

    I recently purchased this. It is much more beautiful than either my photos (or the sellers photos). The nomenclature is crisp though hard to photograph. The four dots are slightly asymmetrical (Very Rare for an original) but I don’t think this is a replacement stem. The seller misspelt the name...
  15. cshubhra

    What Are You Drinking - July 2020

    A change of pace. Hot humid summer afternoons are perfect for a cold beer. I am having warm beer though, since I just got them from the store. Second one of the evening would be cold!
  16. cshubhra

    PAD: Mysterious Sasieni Second With A Dot - Claret

    The Claret is a second line from Sasieni - It has a Blue Accent and a single blue dot 🔵 . It is from the family era. It is somewhat rare as it is not known (At least by me) why would a pipe be stamped as Claret and not Two Dot. This particular pipe is beautifully finished with a light red stain...
  17. cshubhra

    Sasieni Perfect Ten (Ten Dot)

    Sasieni Perfect Ten was a limited edition pipe - It was introduced briefly during the transition era, with a Lucite stem. It is stated in Pipedia article that Alfred Sasieni left the firm around this time. A perfect ten is a very rare pipe. In fact, when I started looking for it, I could only...
  18. cshubhra

    A Tale Of Two Capstans

    When I was in college, I briefly smoked a pipe (A few months/mostly for the Nicotine). One of the tobacco which I smoked at that time was Capstan Blue. It was almost 25 years ago. It was manufactured at that time by ITC, since it held all WD & HO Wills licenses in India. Today I opened a tin of...
  19. cshubhra

    Recent Acquisition - Bruce Weaver Bamboo Apple 🍎

    I recently had a directional change for my PAD. From British Factory 🏭 Pipe, I changed to American Artisan 👩‍🎨 and bought this Bruce Weaver Bamboo Apple 🍎. It has excellent bird’s eye 👁 at the bottom of the bowl and 360 degree brilliant grain - many pipes have been called straight grain for...
  20. cshubhra

    Opening My Only Tin Of McClelland Virginia With 11 Years Age

    I purchased an aged tin of McClelland Blackwoods Flake as a part of a bulk tobacco purchase. The seller told me that this tin is from 2011. Looking into the date code I think it is from 2009, which makes it 10+ years of age. Today is a good day as any to smoke it, so I opened it. The tin note is...