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    New Falcon

    if you are new to Falcons may I suggest you google Falcon pipes (by Falconeer) it was a post on another forum and gives a good idea on owning and maintaining a falcon pipe
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    F/S Peterson Bent Pot 01s Sterling Silver & Comoy Grand Slam 409 24/3/21

    Peterson reduced 65 GBP or 90 USD inc shipping
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    Songs with the Greatest Opening Lines

    Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?) Is there anybody in there? Comfortably numb Pink Floyd
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    Songs with the Greatest Opening Lines

    We'll be fighting in the streets With our children at our feet And the morals that they worship will be gone And the men who spurred us on Sit in judgement of all wrong They decide and the shotgun sings the song Wont get fooled again The Who
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    To Falcon or Not To Falcon

    i actually wonder if there is shortage of newFalcons at the moment .Certainly ebay sellers are showing several out of stock.i was looking yesterday to by a new curved stem I read somewhere Aluminium is hard to get at the moment due to the pandemic,could this mean frame castings numbers are down
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    thats your problem,the tobacco should spring apart if you squeeze a pinch not stay in a clump. If it feel cold to touch it is to wet. dry it until its almost crispy and work back from their beaten too it by @ verporchting
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    Help! My Zippo Won't Spark.

    did you get the remains of the old flint out? Sometime if a tiny piece is left it gets between the wheel and new flint and jams it
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    Zippo Lighter Help

    exactly this,I tried the zippo tis afternoon with a bulldog pipe and all i got was air so changed to the old boy no problem. i then tried it with a billiard with a 3/4 inch diameter chamber with better results. I agree once the tobacco is up and running relights are not so much of a problem
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    Zippo Lighter Help

    this is the problem,if I keep the lighter about 1/2 inch above the bowl I have trouble pulling the flame down and hence the tobacco doesnt want to light. I smoke mainly flakes but cant see that should affect it.
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    Zippo Lighter Help

    I have decided to give my pipe zippo another try. I always seem to have problems lighting the tobacco with it. I see videos of people pulling the flame towards the bowl but whenever I try I really struggle to do so no matter how hard I suck at it. I cant seem to get the top of the tobacco to...
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    A Tale of Four German Latakias

    I have 3 tins of Fayyum Kake in the cellar waiting for their turn to be opened
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    Falcon Bowl Doesn't Screw on Properly

    probably still as cheap from UK including any taxes
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    SG Website?

    I suspect that the website name has been allowed to lapse as there is a new Gawith Hoggarth site being set up
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    Falcon Bowl Doesn't Screw on Properly

    plenty available in the Uk,they will ship to Us
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    F/S Peterson Bent Pot 01s Sterling Silver & Comoy Grand Slam 409 24/3/21

    A lovely Peterson Sterling Silver 01s Bent pot shape,I believe from the 1970/80s In good condition with a sound chamber 75 GBP or 100 USD ono including postage worldwide via paypal Comoy's Grand Slam 409 Bulldog pre merger 3 piece C pipe in good condition with just a little...
  16. P and Anyone Use Them?

    I have used cgars/Turmeas as my go too seller in the Uk but shipping to a UK address .Never had a problem with them and the one time R Mail lost the parcel they sent another without any question within 2 hours of me contacting them. Recommended I know nothing about tobaccoonline but I also...