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  1. pantsBoots

    Pease 25% Off at TP

    As the title states - got my fill of Union Square. Have at it, folks!
  2. pantsBoots

    Aging Potential of Sutliff Match BS 759 & Match BSOSM

    I love my Virginia blends, but also love my Balkans and have begun cellaring both as much as po$$ible. Since they've been around for a few years, can anyone comment on how well Sutliff Match BS 759 & Match BSOSM stand up to several years in the jar? I feel like I read in passing that they do...
  3. pantsBoots

    Pipe Newbie in Tennessee

    Greetings, Pipeheads! puffy I've been a cigar smoker for 15+ years (love most things Cuban and many things Dominican), but only recently got into pipe smoking this past May. I guess the lockdown got me devising new hobbies such as novel tobacco ingestion, career renovation and the purchasing...