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    My Life as a Performing Artist

    School teachers are often maligned and often for very good reasons. After 36 years in the education industry, I am hanging up the proverbial chalk holder. I've worked as a teacher, principal, teaching coach, professor, and finished off as a teacher, but through it all, I've had one real piece...
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    Finding Your Center

    For what its worth, what we normally think of as the first three dimensions as well as the fourth dimension of time or causality, should be better thought of as terminating dimensions rather than the first four dimensions. The first six, hidden from our sight within the quantum world, are...
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    A Gentleman's Pipe is a Man's Pipe

    Jiminks Irish Pre Republic Peterson X155 got me to thinking about what is or is not a real man's pipe. I'm not talking about the Sea Captains big ole pipe or the lumberjacks Paul Bunyan. I'm referring this thread to the kind of pipe your grandfather or Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce would smoke...
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    What Are Your Secret and Time-Tested Methods for Healing Wounded Pipes?

    Most of my pipes can be considered to be elders. They've each had their moment in the sun, so to speak. Along the way, many, perhaps most, have suffered abuse and mistreatment from their owner, meaning me. I've smoked them without patience; too fast, too hot, and too much without rest. I've...
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    Are You a Sloppy Pipe Smoker or a Meticulous Pipe Smoker?

    Is all of your equipment and tools neatly stored and ordered in some fashion, ready for each day's smokes? Are your pipes categorized and rotated systematically? Is your tobacco neatly stored in jars, poured so as not to loose a scrap, and neatly capped after each use? Or are your pipes...
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    What is Your Favorite House Blend at a B&M?

    I am not sure if this is the place to post this particular discussion - it really is a fusion of two topics. There is a lot of talk about tin tobaccos and various blends you can get on the internet. However, maybe like you, I am a bit old fashioned and prefer to walk into a pipe store and get...
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    Are You Using Vintage Pipe Racks and Humidors?

    I know there are better ways to store pipes and tobacco. I understand that my vintage and antique humidors really aren't the best for storing tobacco for regular use. I wouldn't have it any other way. For me, the using the older humidors and pipe racks connects me to heritage and celebrates a...
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    Cobs and Codgers Who Smoke Them!

    I've always been fascinated by people like my father, who can sit on his front porch overlooking Table Rock Lake, and smoke his corn cob for hours while sitting in his favorite rocking chair from Cracker Barrel. Corn cobs...they ain't just for breakfast. But why are cobs still a thing. I...
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    Do You Have an Aversion to Bulldogs?

    I never considered myself someone who would own a bulldog pipe. I felt the shape to be pretentious and much to austere for myself. I've smoked pipes for nearly four decades and during that time I never once considered buying one with a bulldog shape. Then, a week ago, I started researching the...
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    What Can You Learn about Yourself by Looking at Your Own Pipe Collection?

    I've always thought of myself as a fairly adventurous and carefree spirit. That was until the other day when I began to identify the different styles and shapes of pipes in my collection. Right away I noticed it was comprised primarily of apples, billiards, and Rhodesians. Even the several...