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  1. johnnyiii

    How to Keep Unfinished Pipe From Browning

    Hi All, Been looking at the Peterson Burren Line. A awesome virgin briar but with a brown wood grain acrylic stem. An awesome pairing out of the box but I think I might not like it so much after the bowl browns. Brown bowl Brown stem seems to much. But the virgin white(Ish) to that stem...
  2. johnnyiii

    WOW .. I Just Turned Senior

    Just had a 48th birthday, got more gray hair, lost more gray hair, and I turned senior on pipes magazine. My turn to the "old side" is now complete. :puffy:
  3. johnnyiii

    Vulcanite Stem Cleaning and Wax Recipes

    Hi All, As a somewhat longtime member I have used this site for numerous pipe related research topics for the care and feeding of my pipes. With that said and lots of trial and error I wanted to share some pipe stem wax recipes I have come up with that really work. I also included in it my...
  4. johnnyiii

    A New Blend ... I call it Pot Luck

    I share this story not to illicit a response but add that if you like the story please do leave a comment so it will stay on the board for others to read. Its main point though is entertainment. It first started with my first order of tobacco that I didn't like. Being to cheep to throw it away I...
  5. johnnyiii

    Summer Time Pipe Expectations

    We are fastly coming up on hot weather where i live, and this will be my first summer as a pipe smoker. My heavy puffing self can make a bowl hot at freezing temperatures, so what will it be like smoking in the 100 deg temps. I'm already working on slowing my draws for other reasons as well, but...
  6. johnnyiii

    A BIG Thanks to You All

    The very thing that brought me here was my first Google of a pipe smoking question. Up came PipeMagazine. Being a member now since Thanksgiving and after buying two pipes just recently with badly tarnished stems, I went straight to google and did a search so as I could find my pipesmagazine...
  7. johnnyiii

    When Stuff N Puff Don't Work

    In all the cake building advice I loved the stuff and puff, and disliked the honey and similar methods discussed. But as I just joked on another thread I could bake a better cake in the kitchen then in my bowl. I smoke now three different tobaccos. Two aro's one I know bad for cake my chocolate...
  8. johnnyiii

    New Baby

    I just ordered this along with a 1lb bag of "just plain nut". Delivery date is friday TGIF Savinelli Sunset
  9. johnnyiii

    What is worse?

    Dip staining a bowl or covering up the stain in the bowel with a carbon coating. This is what I found in my new rossi when investigating a bad taste. Carbon coating started rubbing off with the first rub of a swab with a little bit of alcohol. Silly Silly Silly. Its a good thing I like the pipe...
  10. johnnyiii

    I work hard all day so (Fill in the Blank)

    I can come home to find this. (This is not a staged photo per my wife)
  11. johnnyiii

    Belated Introduction

    Every time I searched a pipe smoking topic PipeMagazine was ALWAYS on the top. After my third visit, i did what I never / rarely do.... I clicked the join button. I've enjoy your company!!! I'm an ex Data Center Project Manager turned general contractor that does most of my own work. Framing...
  12. johnnyiii

    One More Tobacco Storage Question

    I have been reading the numerous storage and aging questions for our tobacco. I get the use of jars but I have limited space and also travel for long periods and do not want to be with out all my blends. Sooooo, what would be the life expectancy of my tobacco in freezer style ziplocks. I dont...