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  1. davidsaulmarshall

    Carolina Red Flake w/2002 Perique

    I can't believe there hasn't been a thread on this yet. C&D announced yesterday via their Instagram that a new batch of Carolina Red Flake would be released with 2002 perique (presumably of the batch used in the SmokingPipes XX release a month ago). Not sure about you guys, but I'm really...
  2. davidsaulmarshall

    Dunhill History (Late 60s - Early 2000s)

    Hello all, I've noticed in my perusing of Dunhill pipes and their history that there seems to be a fairly significant blackspot when it comes to the legacy of the company after the glory days of the 60s. To my understanding, Dunhill switched factories at the end of the 60s and now the market...
  3. davidsaulmarshall

    New (to Me) Il Ceppo Pot from Pipestud

    Hey all, Just thought I'd share my newest PAD-fuelled purchase. I've been in need of a dedicated VA flake pipe for a while and it has taken some time to find the right pipe because I've been highly selective. I specifically wanted a chamber diameter of 19-20mm and a depth of 30-35mm. When I saw...
  4. davidsaulmarshall

    A July Night with the Pipe Club of Hong Kong

    This happened way back in July of last year, but it was such a memorable experience that I thought I'd share it with all of you. The monthly meetings are held in the upstairs 'VIP' room of a Cantonese restaurant one of the members owns and throughout the night we were plied with a never-ending...
  5. davidsaulmarshall

    New Castello Canadian NV 2K

    Hello all, I recently picked up this Castello Canadian Natural Vergin 2K from Tabaccheria Corti. I needed a smaller pipe for those English flakes/kakes in my cellar (Germain's 1820, GLP Gaslight, Plum Pudding) and, seeing as how I was very impressed with my 4K Shape 55, I thought I could do no...
  6. davidsaulmarshall

    Has Anyone Had Any Experience With the EBay Seller 'deadmanspipes'?

    As the title suggests, for my peace of mind I'm trying to find some forum testimony before I bid. I tend not to stray out Pipestud's shop, so these are unchartered waters for me! Link: deadmanspipes on eBay -
  7. davidsaulmarshall

    How to Exorcise an Entrenched Ghost

    Hello all! As the title suggests, I'm in need of some assistance in exorcising a ghost in my Group 3 Dunhill Red Bark from 1973. I'm not sure what the previous owner smoked in this fine piece of pipe history but it has definitely seeped into the walls. All I can smell and taste is perfume...
  8. davidsaulmarshall

    A Question About Aging

    Hello all, I've been lurking around the site for the answer to a question I've had for a while: is it better to age blends in their original (vacuum-sealed) European tins or jar them? From what I've read, tobacco needs a bit of air to begin the fermentation process, and so many on the forum...
  9. davidsaulmarshall

    How to Rededicate a Pipe Devoted to English Blends

    I'm looking to begin smoking Virginia flake in my Castello shape 55 which I dedicated to English blends around 6 months ago when I first bought the pipe. Will this require anything more than a ream-and-clean? EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title - Bob
  10. davidsaulmarshall

    New (to me) Scotti-era Castello Collection KKK Bent Billiard

    Browsing the Italian Estates tab on SmokingPipes has been an obsession of mine for the last couple months (much to the bewilderment of other students in the college library!). I finally pulled the trigger on this stunning Scotti-era bent billiard around a week ago. It has some of the most...
  11. davidsaulmarshall

    Hello from Singapore/London!

    Hello all! My name is Declan and I'm living in London where I attend university, but I still spend several months of the year in Singapore where I grew up. I've been pipe smoking for 18 months now and I've loved every bit of the journey. I was fortunate enough to get into the hobby when Dunhill...