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    My esteamed fellow pipe smokers. What is an Army mount? What is the difference between a lovate and a Canadian? Is there a video of the shapes of pipe?
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    False Hope!

    I may be a little crazy but I may need to find a pipe smoking club. A little history. I walk my dogs several times a day like a good person. While being dragged down the road by my hound dog. I keep smelling great pipe tobacco being smoked but it is just someone doing their laundry. I am...
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    Small Sample Company?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) I am interested in a long list of tobacco blends but do not want a ton of jars hanging around in my closet. 3/4 of my cellar is just jars of blends that do not trip my trigger. Don’t have space or time for that crazy. So does anyone out there...
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    How Often?

    Do you wake and burn a bowl? Pipe in your mouth all day? Cup of coffee and a pipe before anyone can talk to you? I have been averaging a pipe a week if it is nice outside. I do not Lunt. I sit smoke my pipe and watch the local wildlife. Nothing is out of the question. Estate. Church...
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    Starter Tobacco

    I keep reading about new pipe smokers wanting to start with aromatic blends. I know that they are better left to more experienced smokers but the newborn smokers will not listen. My big question is what should the newbies be smoking? English blends? An old Codger blend? Order a sampler from...
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    Dr. Grabow Estate Pipes

    I have been building a good sized collection of the Doctor pipes. Nothing any newer that late 70s. I have recently bought two Doctor/titan pipes with the screw-in bowls. I have seen someone place a small circle of a pipe cleaner under the bowl to help with wetness. Does it work?
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    Estate Find. HELP!!

    I found a Carey magic inch at a flea market and bought it. All cleaned and ready to smoke. It looks like a cardboard filter. Where can I find new ones? Can I remove it and smoke it in ignorant bliss? It was fairly cheap. Discuss my pipe buddies.
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    Country Squire Podcast.

    I was listening to the podcast today about buyers remorseful pipes. I think that Beau and John David missed something. What about remorse after buying a tin of highly rated tobacco. Haunted Bookshop is one of mine. I have numerous blends that are just cellaring in glass jars. A blend that...
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    I have always had a problem with tasting all the flavors in tobacco. Smoking slow and packing just right but Any more flavors are missing. So I went looking for all the lost things in my pipe. Retro-inhaling was tried. Within an hour I felt a nasty sinus headache descend on me like a fat...
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    Flea Market Finds!

    My local Flea Market has started again. I have in the past found incredible buys both unopened tins and cheap Estate pipes. This time a mother load was there. Everything from basket old pipes that a pinkie finger could not fit in the bowl to high end holy grail pipes. All scary low priced...
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    I have been toying with the idea of looking for a birth year pipe but have no desire to get being ripped off. Any idea how big of a pain this will be? Birth year is 1969. Maybe a man on the moon pipe?
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    Seasonal Blends

    Am I the only one that ignores the conventional thought of only smoking winter blends in the winter. I do not care what the weather is doing outside. I feel like a bowl of Christmas Cookie or Three Wiseman, I pack a pipe up and hit the front porch. The only thing that stops me is a sinus...
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    HONEY! Really?

    I have hearing from several other smokers that they pre-season new pipes with honey. My question is does it work or is it b-s? I think that it is hokum. Pick a side and discuss.
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    Is it possible to be crazy about aromatics? Before any one spins out of control. Let me explain. I only smoke once a week on average. I have found my English blend and it is from a brick/mortar store. Smoker’s Inn for the people wondering. I am a tobacco guy. A whole bunch of estate pipes...
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    Am I missing something? I can not walk and smoke at the same time. It looks like a train going up a steep hill. Total mess and an overheated pipe. Give me a lawn chair and something to drink, I am way happier.
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    Burley Trouble.

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Reule 9) - Bob I have been smoking for several years after a ten year hiatus. My big problem is that it seems that any blend with burley hits me hard. Leaves a gross taste in my mouth that lasts for days even with brushing my teeth and a strong...
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    Velvet Pouch Dating?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob I stumbled across a pouch of Velvet at a flea market. Is it possible to get an idea of how old it is before I pull the trigger? A little background on the seller. He has had in the past some amazing things. Early sixties still moist and...
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    Dr. Grabow Pipes.

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob I have an ever growing collection of Dr. grabow pipes. Why is are they cheap? Great smokers classic shapes and real workhorse pipe. Is it because they are everywhere you look? Not Danish looking? I am just wondering why.
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    Information on an Old Blend.

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title - Bob I found this blend on the internet and bought it. Rehydrated and gave it a smoke. I checked the review site and nothing. The blend is called skandinavik mixture. Danish pipe tobacco mildly aromatic. Made by skandinavik tobakskompsgni a/s Copenhagen...
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    Jazzing Up an Aged Tobacco

    First of all, l have a large tin of Union Leader that is from the middle of the sixties. It is a little boring for my tastes. So I had a weird thought of adding something to it. I had a bottle of honey whiskey in the cabinet. I found a jar lid small enough to fit inside the mason jar. Put...