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  1. Merton

    A Pipe & My Daughter's First Hike!

    Treasue every moment and stop one in awhile just to look around. Beautiful family
  2. Merton

    What Irish Whiskey do You Like or Recommend I Try?

    Sadly, people in pubs frequently drink Budweiser as much as they drink guiness. A pour of guiness, however, in a nice pub in the old country is a thing of beauty and an experience to savor.
  3. Merton

    What Irish Whiskey do You Like or Recommend I Try?

    I like tullamore, nice soft whiskey. They have a new bottling which was aged in rum casks that looks good for summer. However, i was vey impressed recently by Jameson black label. A bit more expensive than regular or cask and much less than the higher end lines. Very good whisket that.
  4. Merton

    Burley Lovers, Help A Brother Out

    So many members here rave about Burley blends. I would like to learn about them even though i know that I will likely always prefer Virginias, especially Red. Recently, i discovered that i very much like Amphora Full which, even though an aromatic, has some percentage of Burley. In the past i...
  5. Merton

    Peterson Experts - Help Please

    The color appears to be a subtle green, unlike the racing green line. It may be worth dropping an email to one of the Laudisi/peterson folks for an answer. Peterson makes so many lines that it sometimes seems meaningless. Nice pipe though
  6. Merton

    Issues With A New Pipe, Being Mindful Of Rule 12

    Probably not a major problem given the thickness of the bowl. On the other hand, $280.00 isn't chump change or a basket pipe and the maker should have seen the problem during quality control.
  7. Merton

    The First Blend That Got You Into Pipe Smoking

    At first it was borkum Riff, paladin, skallorna, apple, middleton cherry and the remainder of the usual suspects. Oddly perhaps, i moved fairly quickly to Dunhill blends especially 965, early morning, standard and nightcap. I then discovered peretti's blends especially Royal and oriental 40...
  8. Merton

    Can You Ever Have Enough Pipes

    A very nice man whom i enjoyed speaking with whenever possible was a great collector of pipes by a high end maker. He had multiple hundreds of expensive pipes, truly a world class collection. One time he told me that he ended up regretting the money he had spent and the time he had used in...
  9. Merton

    Pouch Tobacco

    Amphora full aroma (red pouch) pr Amphora regular (brown pouch)
  10. Merton

    Scared to Try a Different Style of Pipe?

    Keep in mind that as the years go by your taste will likely change both in style/maker of pipes and in tobacco. I used to love big pipes and avidly collected them and i loved English and Oriental blends. Now, all of the big and heavy pipes have been traded and i have migrated toward...
  11. Merton

    If You had to Choose Only One Tobacco

    Wessex brigade fragrant virginia. Hard to find sometimes and Wessex does not help as their labelling is confusing even to vendors (classic, original, fragrant etc) but worth looking for. Sutliff red virginia crumble a strong second place for me.
  12. Merton

    Show Us Your Radice Pipes

    if someone can give me a tutorial on how to do upload photos, I will be happy to do so.
  13. Merton

    What Do (Did) You Do

    I cannot smoke at work, but each morning I place my pipe and tobacco choice of the day on the desk in my office and usually enjoy part of a bowl enroute home. My profession requires periods of public interaction and, also a monk like solitude at times. I look forward to enjoying the pipe I...
  14. Merton

    Savinelli ebay Special Bowl Damaged?

    looks like the prior owner used a torch a lot. pretty dirty won't be able to fix the scorched rim, but a professional or very good restorer might help.
  15. Merton

    C&D The Beast

    Another in the ever burgeoning line of gimmicks brought forth by a variety of producers as limited runs.
  16. Merton

    Pocket Pipes

    musico makes a very nice pipe. I have a short blasted apple with a substantial silver band that is a good pocket pipe. I also was sort of surprised recently by how nice the Peterson short pipes are. I now have three: billiard, bulldog and bent bulldog Sort of odd drilling on the 80s bent...
  17. Merton

    Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening Review

    There is a great and colorful review of AE on the now moribund tobacco reviews. It is the one which discusses how sweet AE is and takes to task those reviewers who don't like it as smokers of campfires, old tires and leather products. I like AE now and then. It became sort of a door opener to...
  18. Merton

    What are You Reading Now?

    I have Been reading "Ship pf Dreams: The sinking of the Titanic and the End of the Edwardian Era" by Gareth Russell. Great read. I have read a lot of books about the Titanic over the past 40 years or so, and this is one of the very best. Lots of facts and imagery and very interesting...
  19. Merton

    Are You a Sloppy Pipe Smoker or a Meticulous Pipe Smoker?

    nice job! as a lover of straight and slightly bent pipes, I say great collection. Is that an African Meer in the lower part of the photo?