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  1. Slowpony

    Unreasonable Cuteness

    Awesome video man! Moose are amazing. This is a crazy vid from Alaska.
  2. Slowpony

    Different Kind of Storage Question

    I put mine in a black plastic tub. It’s not aesthetic but it stores nice with other random tubs.
  3. Slowpony

    The Kid With The Hot Hands!

    If you smoke it hot enough the metal turns to gold. A bit of alchemy.
  4. Slowpony

    Cutting Back

    For real! I’ve mostly stuck to C and D. I have a bunch of SG and Rattrays stashed that I don’t smoke because it’s hard to come by but I’m really considering just keeping the C and D only. And a cherry aromatic if I’m in a crowd lol.
  5. Slowpony

    I Am Done Saving For That Special Occassion.

    I like this. I’d been bulking up my cellar a lot. Unfortunately it’s been recent but I think it’s more than I could ever smoke. I think I’m just gonna smoke whatever suits my fancy at this point.
  6. Slowpony

    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    Wow impressive! I’ve been smoking a cardinal smooth for about a year. Not as frequently but it’s my beater/camp pipe. I have a rubber bit on it and it’s been holding up great!
  7. Slowpony

    Stupid But Consequence Free Things You Like

    Tamping with my finger is stupid but when I get away with it and minor burns I’m happy lol.
  8. Slowpony

    Clip Jar Storage???

    I’ve had mixed results but I def use them on my go to blends. Others I do ball for long term storage.
  9. Slowpony

    Outdated Pipe That Works For You

    The jumbo Wellington pipes. They seem to be pretty old. They don’t make em that big anymore! I kinda wish Peterson made them that size. I know they were a knockoff of Peterson.
  10. Slowpony

    Wind Caps??

    I used a wind cap at the beach last weekend. It was super windy and the cap did just the trick. I pop the cap off here and there to tamp it.
  11. Slowpony

    What Should We Buy Before the Door Closes?

    I’d probably stock up on C & D. I know they’re kinda hit or miss but I go back a while with them.
  12. Slowpony

    Value of Novelty

    Yeah I can see me being like that. Maybe moreso im pretty effected by people’s opinions. So if I see some tobacco is all the rage I want to snag some. I do like a lot of less popular tobacco and pipes. I still haven’t gotten a morgan pipe. We’ll see how long I can hold out.
  13. Slowpony

    Looking for a Clencher

    Moonshine makes an oom paul I think is pretty light. It might be sold out now but I imagine they’ll make more.
  14. Slowpony

    Carter Hall (A Review)

    I agree! I have a jar of carter hall on standby for a quick smoke and when I don’t want to deplete my main cellar. I like it in the rotation.
  15. Slowpony

    Space Launch Today!

    I’m glad I saw this! I really hope our space exploration keeps vamping up. We were born to explore!
  16. Slowpony

    Favorite Aromatics

    I’ve tried a lot of aromatics. I keep going back to grousemoor. It’s an unusual flavor of lemongrass.
  17. Slowpony

    Advice Needed: Setting Up a Buffing Station

    I have an auto buffer. I wonder if that would work. I’d probably need a vice or something. 😝
  18. Slowpony

    Missouri Mearschaum is Open!

    I don’t know if that’s a good thing for my wallet 😜
  19. Slowpony

    Expensive Pipes ~ Should I Smoke Them?

    I love to smoke my ardors! That’s why I got them!
  20. Slowpony

    Cool Pipe Pouch!

    Wow looks stiff enough to hold its form but soft enough for a pipe!