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  1. theloniousmonkfish

    Cigar Cutting, A Discussion.

    I just use a knife
  2. theloniousmonkfish

    Chasing Vanishing Pipe Tobaccos

    Damn. Any word on the Mellow Taste?
  3. theloniousmonkfish

    Chasing Vanishing Pipe Tobaccos

    Rich Taste?! It's discontinued?! Hell naw. According to what source?
  4. theloniousmonkfish

    Another Generous Gift: A Color Duke at Long Last

    Nice! The color lines started around 66-67 after KW came out with their white briar. By 1980 demand had let up but they put out a white Color Viscount model with the Olympic Logo then. Around 84-85 UST allowed them to write off the excess inventory and $100,000 worth of colored pipes were buried...
  5. theloniousmonkfish

    Ryan Alden 7 Day Military Mount Set

    Hell yeah! Excellent taste
  6. theloniousmonkfish

    Familiarty Breeds Contemp vs Variety is the Spice

    More of everything! Dirt cheap bags, extinct blends, whatever is good is good and moods call for this or that. For work it's a pouch filled with whatever is on the scraps dish that morning. At home it's anything that sounds good. It was all purchased to be incinerated, I'll open any tin/tub/jar...
  7. theloniousmonkfish

    Any Vegetarians Out There?

    You know that in Texas 3rd grade is a chicken and a vegetable is considered higher education?
  8. theloniousmonkfish

    Estate Kaywoodie Queries

    If it's unsmoked that might just be some shiny shellac in the chamber. According to the president of S.M. Frank, Bill Feuerbach "Our black bowl lining is a mix of thick natural shellac (3 1/2 pound cut) and FDA approved coloring. Black for use in Kaywoodie and Medico and yellow for use in...
  9. theloniousmonkfish

    Rooster or Nite Owl?

    I love nicotine. Prefer it through pipes but take snuff when smoking isn't possible. And when it is. Don't buy cigarettes but if handed one I'll smoke it, they're more of a novelty for me. Used to smoke cigars regularly when they were cheaper.
  10. theloniousmonkfish

    Suggest Burleys To Me

    Carter Hall Prince Albert Sir Walter Raleigh Granger Sutliff Ready Rubbed MacBaren HH Burley Flake, Symphony, Golden Peretti 33, 333, and 102 Uhles Perfection Plug and 00 Wessex Burley Slices Solani ABF
  11. theloniousmonkfish

    Pipestud - Need Help W/ Pipe Identification

    David McCarter? David McCarter PAD
  12. theloniousmonkfish

    Was There Ever a Grabow Meerschaum?

    They made them in conventional shapes, figurals, and in the 20"-30" sculpted Churchwardens.
  13. theloniousmonkfish

    Was There Ever a Grabow Meerschaum?

    Sure did. The ones without a spade inserted in the stem were produced in Italy, some have a stamped outline of one but most are blank. The Italian made Grabow were often smaller. Then Sparta became able to insert Meer cups, purchased from Straumbach, and began producing them in Sparta using...
  14. theloniousmonkfish

    Was There Ever a Grabow Meerschaum?

    Somebody rigged a stem from a Grabow Omega to that thing, it's not a Grabow Meerschaum, but they did exist. Here's an old ad and some words on the matter from the former head of Grabow and Mastercraft, both of which shared the same building. "All the Grabow Block Meerschaum pipes were made in...