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  1. Leo Ianaro

    Hello, Again, from Connecticut

    I use to watch videos from Muttnchop Piper and Matches 860. I learned a lot from them and miss them. I started smoking pipes after 40 year absence and did not realize some of the intricate methods of smoking (tobaccos, breathing methods, packing, pipes, etc). I use to smoke Bokrum Riff cherry...
  2. Leo Ianaro

    Hello, Again, from Connecticut

    Welcome back and Merry Christmas from Florida.
  3. Leo Ianaro

    Best Cherry Blends

    A major tobacco supplier recommend Lane "Very Cherry". Will know next week.
  4. Leo Ianaro

    I'm A Po-Dunk Lucky Man!

    I started out as a hobby for a couple of pipes. Now I have about 35. Ebay loves me.
  5. Leo Ianaro

    Can Someone Advise Me How to Get Photo on My Fourm?

    Can someone advise me how to get photo in fourm.
  6. Leo Ianaro

    Lady Kat

    Sorry but you should buy or rescue another soon. You won't regret it. Good luck!
  7. Leo Ianaro


    Hi Folks, Smoke Capt Black original, hohum briar pipes and meerschaum. Going to up grade to Savinelli honey and Eric Nording Rustic very soon. Beautiful day in central N. of Villages.