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  1. Merton

    Alpascia Video Piano Music

    I wonder if anyone knows the title/performer of the beautiful piano music which plays on the Alpascia pipe videos. Thanks
  2. Merton


    I enjoyed watching a video recently of Former making a very nice smooth short saddle stem billiard. At one point the button seemed enormous. Of course, during the finishing process it was substantially reduced. Tonight, while I wait to shovel some of Mother Nature's Nor'Easter off the...
  3. Merton

    Amphora Full Aroma

    Okay, so i will amit that i have, over the years become something of a pipe blend snob. However, in a recent order of more expensive tobacco i threw in an order for Amphora Full Aroma. I have to say that i am very pleasantly surprised. I really like it. It is not too aromatic. Not goopy and has...
  4. Merton

    Oldest and Youngest Forum Member

    How old are you? When did you start smoking a pipe? What was the first tobacco you smoked regularly and what do you smoke now? How many pipes do you have and did you ever stop buying pipes?
  5. Merton

    Thoughts on Giant Pipes

    The SP post of today featuring a number of GGG Castello pipes (a group of very large 55's and 84 Hawkbills) led me to think about pipe preferences. The pipes, there were 15 originally and nine were gone by the time I saw the email, are undeniably beautiful and eye catching. A number of years...