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  1. a3zname

    Another Weaver On The Way

    Man, that blast! so pretty...
  2. a3zname

    My Beautifully Ugly Pipe

    Hey! Just received this pipe from SP EU, and i wanted to share a feeling, When i saw this pipe, my initial reaction was that this one is a fruit of a twisted mind. UGLY. The more i looked at it, it just talked to me. This Castello old antiquary has the balance of both beautiful blast where you...
  3. a3zname

    French Made Natural Grain Algerian Briar

    That stem logo does look like "City deluxe" GBD's sub brand
  4. a3zname

    Straight or Bent?

    Most of my pipes are straight. Easier to smoke while working over a desk for me.
  5. a3zname

    My First Commission

    So ellegant! Love it.
  6. a3zname

    A New Castello Vergin

    This one is 53mm hight, 111mm in length and weihhts 48 grams
  7. a3zname

    Chacom Sphere #5

    Chacom produces superb pipes. This one's shape is realy cool, but in the photo. i would not dare to test the durability of this piece...
  8. a3zname

    A New Castello Vergin

    Hey! Lately im enjoying the comfort of the Oom paul shape as a clencher, and this on popped online so i grabbed it. I am amazed at how light this pipe is, only 48 grams, with that bend its like clenching nothing. I usualy do not like the acrylic as a stem material, but it realy makes little...
  9. a3zname

    Hit Over the Head by PAD!

    Oh man that prince...
  10. a3zname

    New Moonshine Pipe

    I have been eyeing a pipe similar to this for some time! Thanks for the info! Yours looks spectacular. How is the stem? do you clench it?
  11. a3zname

    How to Detect Good Briar?

    Hello everyone, I assume like all things - so does briar has its quality spectrum. When certain brand or artisan indicates the use of quality briar, what is it exactly? What qualifies a piece of briar to be categorized as of high quality and if one can detect such piece without getting the...
  12. a3zname

    Dublin Shape Pipe Bowl

    I think the only thing is the feel in the hand. I tend to favor the apple or billiard shape over the dublin because it brings more comfort to hold ot. Thats all.
  13. a3zname

    New Pipes Become Estate Pipes Over Years

    Im not in this hobby (or generaly on earth) for that long to consider anything i have bought new in the past - now to be a first hand estate, but the thought of it has a warm surrealistic aura around it, reminding ourselves how time flies, and how memories are so much valuable as the items...
  14. a3zname

    Carburetor Pipes?

    I own a Kaywoodie carburator shape 01, a small pipe, but hell out of a smoker. It smokes english flakes like no other pipe i own.
  15. a3zname

    New Castello Canadian NV 2K

    Looks good! those natural vergin castellos sure are beauties!
  16. a3zname

    On The Question Of Quality

    Well! Sir, Thank you. I do appreciate the time you took on commenting with a deep understanding. The reason Im writing this post is because that is the only place i can come in contact with fellow hobbyists who can share the feeling, like AA gathering if i can say that. I do not buy pipes at...
  17. a3zname

    Hello. Long-Time Oom Paul Hungarian Smoker.

    I love my Oom paul! smokes dry, no gurgles, cool and weonderfull. also quite a wood! here is a picture of my Ropp:
  18. a3zname

    On The Question Of Quality

    Hello and good -Time of the day at your current location across the globe- ! Over the years, my father always said - The cheaper, the more expensive it is (a rough translation from my native language). As time went on, I found it to be accurate across all fields in life, if its cars, light...
  19. a3zname

    Regarding Ashton

    OK fellas, thank you very much for your answers. It seems the price on those pieces is much determined by the pedigree and overall aura around it as so of the material's quality and engineering..
  20. a3zname

    Regarding Ashton

    Hey, Recently my eye's attention got caught by a very nicely shaped oom paul by Ashton, no less in their high grade "Sovereign". I was wondering why is the price tag on this piece is so high, i mean, to be honest, the grain wasnt that spectacular (comparing it to castellos for instance). Do...