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  1. Jeremia Johnson

    The Initial Tamp

    I while back I bought an estate pipe on eBay. and when it arrived, the receipt included some basic pipe-smoking instructions. In describing the initial tamp after the first lighting, the seller said to tamp down in the center of the chamber only, and said that on the second (main) lighting, the...
  2. Jeremia Johnson

    How Can I Find YTPC Livestreams?

    I've subscribed to a number of the channels of people in the YTPC, but I don't know when they do regularly-scheduled livestreams (including Virtual Pipe Clubs). When I subscribe to the channels, I set the Alerts to show me All Alerts, but I usually never notice the alerts. Is there any kind of...
  3. Jeremia Johnson

    Is There Any Hope For D&R Picayune?

    Based on your past experience, do you think there's any chance that Daughters & Ryan might resume selling their Picayune tobacco? I started smoking a pipe last April, and when I discovered Picayune, I had just enough time to buy 12 ounces of it, when it stopped production! :cry: I'm smoking a...
  4. Jeremia Johnson

    Replacing a Peterson P-Lip Stem

    I have a new Peterson pipe which I really like, except for the mouthpiece. It's a half-bent P-Lip stem, and I don't like the P-Lip feature. I'd never tried one before, and in fact didn't even know quite what P-Lip meant when I ordered the pipe (I should have done that little bit of research!)...
  5. Jeremia Johnson

    C&D Gray Ghost

    Smoking a bowl of Cornell & Diehl Gray Ghost - a cigar leaf and Virginia blend. Really enjoying it! The positive reviews I've read are right on. A nice Virginia smoke with cigar leaf adding some creaminess, leather, etc. Any fans of this one? (I probably just put this in the What are you...
  6. Jeremia Johnson

    Tobacco Topping Fraud

    What's the deal with either tobacco blenders being dishonest about whether or not a flavoring is added to some blends, or reviewers being convinced that a topping IS added? Someone's not telling the truth. Or is it that blenders don't want to give away the recipe for the secret sauce? Also...
  7. Jeremia Johnson

    What Is It About Early Morning Pipe and Nightcap?

    What is it about Peterson's Early Morning Pipe and Nightcap that's similar in the Tin Note? As many know, they both smell fantastic in the tin (and are great smokes as well), but I don't think I quite have the experience yet to tell what it is in them that makes the Tin Note similar? I'm sure...
  8. Jeremia Johnson

    Replacement Stems?

    I could probably search and find answers for this, but it may be best to make sure I get the current straight dope. I have a couple of pipes that I really like, but I'd just like them to be a bit longer, probably about an inch. One is a straight Peterson 2020 Christmas pipe. It's not a bad...
  9. Jeremia Johnson

    Hand Warmers?

    Does anyone use a propane or electric hand warmer, and if so, any recommendations or caveats? I need one for outdoor smoking sessions!
  10. Jeremia Johnson

    Smaller Tobacco Blenders?

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) I recently a came across a small tobacco blender online, and I forget the name! They did small runs of their blends, and sold them only from their website. Does anyone know of any of these kinds of blenders? Would there be a list of them...
  11. Jeremia Johnson


    I don't own a Churchwarden pipe, and have never smoked one, but I was just admiring the Ropp Churchwardens on Smokingpipes has this to say about Churchwardens: Churchwardens are considered popular reading pipes. Perfect for smoking while lounged in an armchair, the...
  12. Jeremia Johnson

    T. G. I. C.!

    Thank God it’s Christmas, and my son’s “remote learning “ (AKA Hell) is over for two weeks! I’m hittin’ the Cringle!!! I hope everyone here has a happy and healthy Christmas, filled with many complex, contemplative bowls and strong nic-hits!
  13. Jeremia Johnson

    Bogie at Twelve o'clock!

    Almost by accident I think I successfully ordered 16 oz of Gawith Brown Bogie from the UK! I've never had it, but want to try it. I was wishfully Googling it, and it came up in stock at a UK site. Just for fun I put in my address to see what/if the shipping would come to. It seemed eager to...
  14. Jeremia Johnson

    Including Hyperlinks in Signatures?

    Hi, new member here. I wanted to check if it's ok to include links to other websites in your signature. I'm not sure why, but I'm trying to cross-pollinate this forum and another forum I visit A LOT. It's a music forum I really enjoy. I guess I'm trying to create more people like myself, who...
  15. Jeremia Johnson

    Hello from a Snowy Westchester County, NY!

    Pleased to meet you all! I live in Westchester County (which is a very large county), just a short drive, about 25 minutes, to NYC. I smoked a pipe briefly while in college, but took the pipe up again this past Spring, as lockdown started. I've amassed a pretty good collection of pipes...