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  1. theloniousmonkfish

    New Knock Around Pipe

    New pipe for work that I don't need to worry about, nothing pretty but it smokes and fits in the pocket.
  2. theloniousmonkfish

    Charatan's Make Special 361DC Restored

    The pictures are awful but I don't see many Charatan's on this site and decided to put them up anway.
  3. theloniousmonkfish

    What a Scrooge

    Did a bit of blind trading with Scrooge and feel I still owe him after opening the mail today. My first official Dave G refurb, a Grabow Bulldog, a few more dirty ones to do as I will with and my favorite, tobacco. Slicing up some Condor and preparing to find out if I become hooked.
  4. theloniousmonkfish

    Pall Mall Pipe

    Can't seem to find anything on this one, geussing it's age around WWII based on the Vulcanite? stinger and use of the word Bruyere. Any info is welcome. Plastic? Vulcanite? Wood? Stinger Quick clean up and it's a nice beater
  5. theloniousmonkfish

    Antler Tamper

    Cherrywood with spalting
  6. theloniousmonkfish

    D&R Dark Air Cured

    Sat on a sample of this for a while, an actual sample from when that was ok so maybe a couple years. Found it when consolidating some things and it's taken a hold of me now. Can't find but one place online that sells it and only in tins. Would love to know if it's in bulk somewhere. Recommend...
  7. theloniousmonkfish

    Beater Pipe Rustication

    This Meer lined Grabow has been beaten around on job sites and the finish suffered. Considering it's abuse would continue rusticating the bland grain and worn varnish was easy enough to decide. Allen key ground into points for texture Brass brush to scrub off any loose bits Copper...
  8. theloniousmonkfish

    Peterson for Christmas

    Last tin of Perfect Plug is looking good for it's age. Hope what's in the new tins is still the same after hearing about the lack of Anise in Irish Flake.
  9. theloniousmonkfish

    Yorkshire/Barnaby Briars?

    Looking for info on the brand. I know Barnaby Briars was a shop in NY at one point that made? pipes, can't find much else out. Not pertinent, just digging this pipe and looking for some history or any other examples.
  10. theloniousmonkfish


    I like to burn up all the leaf I pack. When there's a hand free I'll sort of cover the chamber to help finish off the pipe, when driving I'll just drop a slim tamper in the chamber for the last few puffs. Anyone else do stuff like this?