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  1. eyewsee369

    What Is Your GoTo Lighter?

    compared to mine, it looks complete.
  2. eyewsee369

    Show Off Your Bulldogs/Rhodesians’s my secretary desk setup. Nice! Here's my newbie collection and secretary desk. Love to sit and work on my pipes.
  3. eyewsee369

    Army Mount

    I love my Dunhill army mount. Great smoker and mechanically fun for me to play with.
  4. eyewsee369

    Sillems Pipe Tamper and Lighter

    The Sillems lighter’s core may be the same as an IM C, however it feels significantly different in the hand. The swollen body and increase weight fill my hand better. The sensation of holding an Emerald green one in a Tobac shop @ Harvard Square 20 years ago still lingers In me. I recently...
  5. eyewsee369


    Beautiful! How long does it take to finish such a bowl?
  6. eyewsee369

    Pocket Knives

    I've been carrying this one.
  7. eyewsee369

    Hello From Vietnam!

    Chao ban dong huong! Nice to see another Viet in the pipe community. It would be nice to meet up the next time I am back in Vietnam.
  8. eyewsee369


    Another good smoker...
  9. eyewsee369


    nice blast.
  10. eyewsee369


    Yes. Nomenclature includes XL, HT (hand turned?) and Collector. I was so taken by its 360 grain and presence at first sight that I bought it. I typically don’t own objects that I don’t put to use. However, this one is way big for me.
  11. eyewsee369


    Thanks for the positive feedback. Tells me that I am heading in the right direction with my small/growing collection. mso...glad to hear that Group 3 is a usable size. To be honest, the larger sizes feel better in my hand, but I can never really finish a whole bowl in my Group 4. I’ve never...
  12. eyewsee369

    Polishing Dunhill Dress Finish

    Another one to practice on for me. Although this looks like it needs less work than the Dress.
  13. eyewsee369


    Location added. Thanks for the reminder.
  14. eyewsee369


    Just picked up two more Dunhills today.
  15. eyewsee369


    I am coming across videos of people dipping pipe cleaners in vodka, whiskey and even Isopropyl alc to clean their pipes. Would cognac work? (that’s all I have in the house). What do you use?
  16. eyewsee369

    Polishing Dunhill Dress Finish

    She’s a fantastic smoker! I am a wet smoker so I have issues with straight pipes at times. No issues at all with this bent.
  17. eyewsee369

    Polishing Dunhill Dress Finish

    I’ve been following your FS post with much interest. Yours look more red than mine. Not sure if it is the exact “model”.
  18. eyewsee369

    Polishing Dunhill Dress Finish

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.