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  1. 02Knight

    FS: Vintage Castello Collection KKK Carlos Scotti Straight Billiard Estate Pipe White Bar,01/20/2021

    I have this Carlos Scotti Signed CASTELLO COLLECTION WHITE BAR KKK Saddle Stem Estate Pipe that I would like to sell. Asking $300 plus USPS PRIORITY MAIL shipping.
  2. 02Knight

    Mail Call

    Just received some Tins of tobacco, branching out and trying some different things!
  3. 02Knight

    Made in Turkey AU Meerschaum Skull Pipe

    Ran across this Meerschaum Pipe at an auction not long ago. Have no clue as to what it is other than someone smoked it alot. Any input or advice on it? Worth anything or not? Seems to have a small hole at the bottom of Chamber. @chasingembers you showed one similar to this one in a post.
  4. 02Knight

    Cellerating Some ODF

    I got my pound of Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired in several days ago.I finally got the chance to cellar it. I just left the strips long and sort of put them in the jars. I was going to cut them but it was breaking them apart to much. I did take some and put them in an old tin I had for smoking...
  5. 02Knight

    Two La Savinelli Giubileo Pipes

    Here are 2 of the pipes I obtained from a Doctor's Estate Pipe auction. I am curious to know if the bowls were meant to be this thin or perhaps they have been reamed extensively? I don't know so that is why I am asking. Hopefully the photos will be enough. Both are marked La Savinelli...
  6. 02Knight

    Good Va-Per Tobacco

    I am curious about this tobacco called Va-Per. I would like to know a good brand to try my first Va-per out. I like spicy, also like the Fruity, Nutty flavor so let me have it oh wise ones!
  7. 02Knight

    North Texas Briar Club Meeting

    Well I had a great time at my first Pipe Club Meeting in Fort Worth Texas. Plenty of Tobacco to sample also!
  8. 02Knight

    DunHill Lighter Rebuild

    This lighter is one I acquired in one of my sortees to Estate Sales, auctions etc. Well when I tried to fill it with butane it spewed out of the bottom. I saw these rebuild kits on ebay and messaged the guy with pictures of the Dunhill I had and if his kit would work on my lighter and if he...
  9. 02Knight

    Fresh Pipe???

    Just what do they mean when they say a pipe is fresh? Is it new? Did they give it a bath? Or do something else to make it "Fresh"? Ok let me have it, I know there will be some snide comments, I'm ready!!
  10. 02Knight

    Ashton Brindle Dating

    I recently acquired this Ashton Brindle XXX Made in England and I am having trouble finding the date the pipe was made. I have looked at all the sites to find the date and none mention this a mark like this one on the pipe I have. After the "D" in England there is what looks or appears to be...
  11. 02Knight

    H. Sutliff Mixture No. 79

    Well this is another new tobacco I have had the pleasure of trying out. H. Sutliff Mixture No. 79. I found this to be a very nice smoking experience. The tobacco was easy to load, fired up well with minimal relights and had a pleasant smell to it. The smoke was light and the mixture of the...
  12. 02Knight

    Peterson Dublin 106 with a Metal Top, Hallmarked

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) This is another pipe at the auction that I'm not finding alot on through my research. Why the metal top? Any info about it is welcome, some sort of value, worth, age etc. Thanks all.
  13. 02Knight

    Vollmer & Nilsson Pipe Info

    This is another pipe that is in the auction that I'm not for sure of and any info would be welcome, value, is it worth anything.
  14. 02Knight

    Eltang Pipe Info

    Can anyone tell me about this pipe, worth value? It is an Eltang Blast, has an emblem that looks like Saturn.
  15. 02Knight

    Savinelli Anyone

    Here are two more pipes that I am considering keeping. Seems that I am attracted to the darker colors instead of the lighter ones. One is a Savinelli 1992 Collection and the other is a 125 anni with a sterling band. Both of these fine pipes have never been smoked. Both of them have that...
  16. 02Knight

    Savinelli Punto Oro Gold

    So far out of the about 30 estate pipes I purchase from a Doctor's Estate Auction here in the DFW area of Texas I decided to take a few for myself instead of selling all of them. The ones I have sold I have made the money back I spent on them, so figured I deserved a few for myself. The one I...
  17. 02Knight

    Father The Flame Movie

    I just had the extreme pleasure of watching the documentary movie "Father The Flame". I ran across it on some of my pipe researching. I finally found it on Google Play and rented it for around $6. I learned alot about the process of some of the better well known pipe makers, the briars, Japan...
  18. 02Knight

    Samuel Learned Pipe Stem Repair

    As some of you know from my post on the SL Antler Shank pipe. Well I got the pipe and when I got home and took all my winnings out of the bag the SL pipe stem is broke off in the shank at the tenon! They just put all my other things I won in on top of it and that is what I think broke it...
  19. 02Knight

    Flake Tobacco Cellaring

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Ok, another question from a noob. How does one go about cellaring that flake tobacco. I saw the sponsor site has some HH Old Dark Fired flake tobacco in 16 ounces. Is it one big flake or a bunch of flakes similar to the small tin. I really...
  20. 02Knight

    Different Types of Stems

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Could someone please tell me what the majority of the upper quality pipes stems are made of? I mean how do you tell the difference in the vulcanite and acrylic? I have a Knute Danish freehand pipe I smoke and the stem is looking fairly rough...