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  1. p40warhawk

    Savinelli Autograph Artisan Bent Dublin

    Adding to my collection, AGAIN! I have many Savinelli's and have never been disappointed with their workmanship or smoking! So, I just ordered a new one from Smoking Pipes. Anybody here have any experience with their Autograph's? From what I've been told, they are truly a cut above. Will arrive...
  2. p40warhawk

    Pipe Tobacco Forgetfulness

    From time to time, I'll pack a pipe with tobacco, set it down to take on my latest task and forget about it and fill another when I'm ready. I'VE ALWAYS done that! Of course a few days later, I get to it and discard the un-smoked tobacco and re-fill. How long, or days can you leave that tobacco...
  3. p40warhawk

    New OWL Pipes a Coming Round the Bend

    Steve at OWL Pipes is making me a special to order couple of Pipes for me. And how am I creating this great Miracle when I've purchased 3 new pipes in the last 30 days!? Since all of his are named, the special one is being named, "Christine 42" for her name and years together... She will be...
  4. p40warhawk

    OWL Pipes?

    Just ordered a new OWL Artisan Pipe, has anyone ever purchased an OWL before. It looks pretty awesome from the Pix with the hand built and painted wood box... Anybody have any experience? Thanks! Dan
  5. p40warhawk

    Lacquer Coating?

    I have a number of Lacquer Coated Pipes, mostly Peterson Pipes and a lot of them are St. Patrick's Day. Has anyone ever had any problems with blistering or peeling. Thus far, I have not. But, I am extra careful too! Thanks! Dan
  6. p40warhawk

    Artisan Cost.

    Over a long period, like so many of you, I have a really nice collection of pipes that I have gathered over the years. There are some I just hate to smoke because of their sheer craftsmanship and beauty. But, most, I DO smoke. And like many of you, I have my favorites that just seem to smoke...
  7. p40warhawk

    Smooth OR Rough Cut

    I would be interested to see what many of your preferences are for your individual Pipe Collections, do you prefer smooth, sandblasted or rusticated? As for me, I have a pretty sizable collection and at least 85% is smooth. I love to see the fine grain, to see that craftsmanship. Of course in...
  8. p40warhawk

    Nording Pipes

    I would love to get your opinions on current Nording Pipes. They appear to be good looking and inexpensive, but I've heard some aren't wild about the brand. I don't know, the only one I have is a very old Collectors Dublin made by the man himself... Thanks to All! Dan
  9. p40warhawk

    Peterson Gold Mounted Supreme

    Has anyone seen that new Gold Mounted Supreme from Peterson. I have quite a collection of Petersons that I've built up over the years and am currently adding to my Sherlock Holmes Pipes. Just ordered a smooth Deerstalker. I like that 03 shape and of course, the grain, just not sure if I'd pay...
  10. p40warhawk

    New BUT Old

    Hey Guys: Just decided to join up! I can always learn something new and I'm sure this is the right place to be... I'm 63 and I live in Lake Forest, CA UNTIL I retire and move to Usk Washington. I have about 30+ pipes and that doesn't count the many, many Peterson's and Savinelli's I've give...