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  1. disinformatique

    Show Off Your Christmas Pipes Here!

    As the old threads have been closed for the same topic. Starting a new one with the hopes this one isnt closed by the Forum Overlords. Here are my Christmas Pipes. Peterson Christmas 2014 B35 Peterson Christmas 2015 999 Peterson Christmas 2016 XL90 Peterson Christmas 2017 X220 Peterson...
  2. disinformatique

    George's Secret Margarita

    Popped up on my FB feed, George's Secret Margarita Recipe Repairing a Broken Pipe Repairman -- The best method in summer weather Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  3. disinformatique

    Birthday Smokes

    August 30 is my birthday. Took a day off, away from the work, but ended up managing work stuff on the phone till late into the night (I am in India so its already Aug 31) Finally settled and filled up my Peterson 406 for John Aylesbury with The Raven, tasted acrid. Chucked the pipe back on the...
  4. disinformatique

    Pipe by TSUGE – To be a craftsman, not to be an artist

    An interesting read :puffpipe: Click here to read the article. Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  5. disinformatique

    When things go wrong....

    Slept early last night, woke up to a wonderful morning in a long time at 5AM, I was like FINALLY I can have some Midnight Ride in the morning (I am more nocturnal). Freshened up, opened my main door for some fresh air. (Now I dont have a typical home where I live, I have a studio apartment. So...
  6. disinformatique

    What's Your Profession !!

    I just realized today that I have no idea about the lives and work of a major chunk of people and friends I interact on the forums. I would love to know you outside pipes, tobacco, cigars and whacky jokes. As the topic says, what is your Profession and Expertise in the field? I am a User...
  7. disinformatique

    For The Caveman In You !!

    For chronic cases of Cavemanism !! Eventually, Dr. Louis Leakey developed an oral vaccine and 'cavemanism' was eradicated, much like 'polio' and 'polite discussion'.
  8. disinformatique

    Peterson : No Love for Canadians?

    Just an observation but Canadian doesn't seem to get much love from Peterson. Apart from the silver capped $400 variant, almost all of them are in the lower budget lines (Cara, Aran, Rosslare) Peterson has such fabulous lines like Straight Grain, Supreme, Kapp Royal, Royal Irish, Amber Stem...
  9. disinformatique

    Unsmoked Pipe-Dan Shape Reformed Gert Holbek Straight Grain

    If I had the money I would buy it. Alas, most pretty things need currency. Preview - Cheers, Chris
  10. disinformatique

    Meer Polishing / Sanding Question

    Lots of meers get scratched during their individual lives. Some get extremely beautiful coloring. My question is can we get the pipe to be smooth again by refinishing or will it dull the coloring, or crack the mineral itself? Cheers, Chris
  11. disinformatique

    Bing's Personal Pipes on sale at ebay

    Don't know if it's genuine or otherwise, here's the link - Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  12. disinformatique

    Walter Pidgeon Cob

    Calling on our resident Cob Wizards. Came across this photograph of Walter Pidgeon and fell in love with the cob. The shank reminded me of Tom Eltang's Arne Jacobson with semi-translucent shank extension. The bowl seems like the Rob Roy cob, a taller version is also used in the Elf Cobbit pipe...
  13. disinformatique

    Cultured Amber?

    What exactly is it? I know its "lab-grown" but how exactly is it "grown" and can it be labelled as authentic amber? Would like to hear your views and information about the process. would really appreciate if our veteran pipe collectors and restorers throw some light on the subject matter...
  14. disinformatique

    North Bay Fire Department to J.W. Sewall K228 (Pic Heavy)

    Just got this one it at cost of a nice cigar. The pipe was presented by North Bay Fire Department (Ontario) to a Mr. or Ms. J.W. Sewall K228. I wrote to the seller about the history of the pipe if any and I also would be writing to the Fire Chief and his staff at North Bay if they had anyone...
  15. disinformatique

    Dunhill Blends are now Charatan?

    GQTobaccos have them listed as Dunhill replacements. Check it out Cheers, Chris :puffpipe:
  16. disinformatique

    Au Sultan & a GBD Speciale from France (Pic Heavy)

    Straight from France and at the cost of a nice Padron, it's a good find. Anyone up for fixing that amber or furnish a new amber stem? :puffpipe: Cheers, Chris
  17. disinformatique

    Bill Taylor Ashton MAGNUM Gourd Calabash (Picture heavy)

    Didnt knew Ashton also made calabash pipe. Here's one, bit pricey but really nice !! It's on ebay so here is the link - Cheers, Chris
  18. disinformatique

    Is it over?

    Have 5 unsmoked bowls in various stages of burn on my table. Been a while I actually enjoyed a pipe. Is it over for me? As a pipe smoker, or is it just something few people undergo?
  19. disinformatique

    40th Birthday Pipe

    This August 30 I turn 40. I have been concentrating on getting my estate purchases restored/cleaned etc apart from 1 or 2 odd pipes a year. Would love your recommendations for my 40th Birthday pipe (Shape, Finish, Pipe Maker). Honestly, I dont know what I want. Help a brother out, will ya ...
  20. disinformatique

    Your Best Recipe !

    Let's read/see your best meat stew/curry recipes. Can be your meat of choice !!