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  1. p40warhawk

    Handmade by Erik Nording?

    I have alot of Pipes, very few collectibles with ONE glaring exception... I have a very old, but in almost new condition that WAS built by Erik Nording. It was given to me by a dear old friend that had his own Pipe Shop before he passed from ALS. I don't have the heart to smoke it! Its a...
  2. p40warhawk

    Ascorti Business (& Co.) - 1/2 - Rising through the ranks (Pipe Collection)

    Good looker, Ascorti makes a VERY fine Pipe... Hope you have many hours of smoking with that fine piece!
  3. p40warhawk

    Help Me Select The Most “Peteiest” Peterson

    I have a thing for the Peterson Sherlock Homes collection in smooth. Months ago, I bought the Hansom F/T and I love it! I purchased thru Smoking Pipes. Of course, I also just purchased the Deerstalker P/Lip which is also a winner! Can't go wrong...
  4. p40warhawk

    What Do You Think About Neerup Pipes?

    I've been SOOOO tempted a number of times, but always ended up with another brand! They look awesome!
  5. p40warhawk

    Savinelli Autograph

    I just purchased a brand new Savinelli Autograph, its a big beautiful Pipe of exquisite quality and fit and finish. The grain compares with any high end pipe I may have, in fact, its the the most beautiful grain I've ever seen...
  6. p40warhawk

    Bing Crosby Pipe shape?

    I can't help it, I have four (4) Bings Favorites, in smooth (X2), rusticated AND one they haven't made in years from their black tie collection, its a beauty! Dan
  7. p40warhawk

    Winner of the 7-Day Set

    As good as it gets! Beautiful!!
  8. p40warhawk

    Finally Broke Down and Got a Dunhill

    Gotta love that Dunhill!
  9. p40warhawk

    coating on smoking chamber

    Long ago, one of the most learned men (Tom Cottom) I ever knew on pipes (Tobacco Barn, Lake Forest, CA) said that although it wasn't an absolute rule, the higher end pipes didn't have that coating. Tom used to own his own Pipe shops YEARS ago... For instance, my Savinelli's usually have that...
  10. p40warhawk

    My Grandfather's pipes

    Worth much more than money!
  11. p40warhawk

    My New Pipe Is On It's Way. First Peterson

    Great pick up, I have the green (Smooth Irish Green) D15, its a beautiful pipe!
  12. p40warhawk

    Savinelli Autograph Artisan Bent Dublin

    Thanks! Received my Savineli Autograph, your right, it is bigger and heavier than the standard fare. But, the build and grain is incredible. More expensive by almost 3X, but, its comparable and in some cases, better than most of my artisans.
  13. p40warhawk

    Most Improved Pipe

    I have a Savinelli Clarks Favorite that was a slow learner and now, its a champ!
  14. p40warhawk

    Every Time You Buy A Pipe

    Great question! I learned when I first got back into Pipes to never go cheap. Every time I decided to save a few bucks and get a lessor pipe, just to save a few bucks, when I really wanted a much nicer one, I was very sorry I did it and ended up taking it back or giving it to friends and family...
  15. p40warhawk

    Savinelli Autograph Artisan Bent Dublin

    Adding to my collection, AGAIN! I have many Savinelli's and have never been disappointed with their workmanship or smoking! So, I just ordered a new one from Smoking Pipes. Anybody here have any experience with their Autograph's? From what I've been told, they are truly a cut above. Will arrive...
  16. p40warhawk

    What Is Your Favorite "Manly" Poem?

    "The Fools Prayer", Edward Sill
  17. p40warhawk

    What's Your Favorite Bulk Aromatic?

    Hobbits Weed OR Vermont Meat candy... All good tobacco!
  18. p40warhawk

    Pipe Tobacco Forgetfulness

    From time to time, I'll pack a pipe with tobacco, set it down to take on my latest task and forget about it and fill another when I'm ready. I'VE ALWAYS done that! Of course a few days later, I get to it and discard the un-smoked tobacco and re-fill. How long, or days can you leave that tobacco...
  19. p40warhawk

    New Peterson - draft hole too high?

    Guys: I have well over 30 Petersons, many I bought from a wonderful local shop that happened to have about 15 new Petersons stuck in a drawer for years that the old owner forgot about. Some Sherlock Holmes, a Kinsale XL 30 and so forth. I can say that the quality of these pipes are exquisite and...