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  1. huskysibe

    Any PS4 Owners Here?

    I just got a PS4 and am loving it. I'm not on it a lot as I am working on being the best husband and father in the world! But I do like to jump on there and play Farcry4, Madden 15 and various free games that are available to PS+ members. So who has one and what's your user name? I only have 1...
  2. huskysibe

    Stonehaven Available

    Cup o Joes has it available. Just a friendly public service announcement. No Penzance though.
  3. huskysibe

    Favorite Shapes

    This has probably been done but here goes again. What are your favorite pipe shapes? Do you stick to one kind or do you have different ones to fit your mood? Personally I have mostly Billiards and Canadians. You just cant beat that classic shape in my opinion. I do have 2 bulldogs and have...
  4. huskysibe

    PS Luxury Navy Flake and Luxury Navy Twist

    I've seen it talked about a couple of time on here, taking one of each of the LNF and LNT and fold them together for a multi dimensional smoke. Well last night I tried it and its wonderfully complex and very tasty! I encourage you to try this if you have the means. I'm not a fan of mixing etc...
  5. huskysibe

    Generous Donor Part Deux

    Wow, that's all I can say is Wow! It happened again. An anonymous donor whom wanted to thank me for my 22 years of Naval Service, sent me a box full of tobacco goodies. There were 41 samples of tobacco in there!!!!! To include Penzance, Stonehaven, BCDF, Lancers Slices, HH Old Dark Fired...
  6. huskysibe

    Generous Donor

    This may be long, fair warning LOL I used to smoke a pipe about 7 years ago or so. It was a feeble attempt at best with mere house blend tobacco from my local B&M. Well during one of my military moves I lost my Nording pipe. This past February 2014 I retired from the Navy after 22 years and 2...
  7. huskysibe

    New Member from Texas

    Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. 22 year Navy veteran recently retired. Smoked a pipe briefly back in 2007 and lost my Nording in one of my moves and never picked the hobby back up. Recently bought a $30 basket pipe from local B&M and am getting back into this relaxing hobby...