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  1. Fiddlepiper

    Orlik Golden Sliced Alternatives?

    OGS seems to be a blend that a lot of folks round here extoll the virtues of. I can’t get it in the UK at the moment it seems. wondering if there are suggestions of alternatives that provide similar satisfaction?
  2. Fiddlepiper

    Lakeland Question

    I recently got a whole load of 10g samples. :col: Within which is some Ennerdale, which has a fairly unique aroma.....should I be concerned about it affecting the flavour of whichever pipe I smoke it in? Or should I just get a cheap MM pipe to try it in to see whether I like it or not? Any...
  3. Fiddlepiper

    Aromatic Suggestions

    I’m extremely new to the forum so hopefully I’ve put this in the correct place and it’s not a question you’re fed up of! I was wondering if people had recommendations of a good aromatic to start off with? When I first got a pipe I was given a cherry aromatic to try along with a few other bits...
  4. Fiddlepiper

    Hello from Scotland

    Been perusing the forums for while and thought it was time to join in. Relatively new pipe smoker and enjoying getting further into the fascinating world of it all.