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  1. kcghost

    First Tin

    Have at it. It is as good as it gets.
  2. kcghost

    Hello from Canada!

    Welcome from KC!!
  3. kcghost

    Any Shakespeare Buffs?

    I've read several of Shakespeares plays. I particularly like King Lear.
  4. kcghost

    Chicken Saltimbocca

    It looks rather tasty.
  5. kcghost

    Nine Noggins Watching Over Me

    Rather interesting.
  6. kcghost

    Howdy from East Tn.

    Welcome from KC!!
  7. kcghost

    Montage Friedlander Pipe

    Aah, i didn't catch the smiley face at the end of the sentence.
  8. kcghost

    Spaghetti Pomodoro with Sauce from Scratch

    Looks good to me, but isn't it almost a fancy version of spaghetti and meat sauce??
  9. kcghost

    Montage Friedlander Pipe

    You bought an 80 year old pipe to smoke Captain Black Grape??
  10. kcghost

    Hey There

    Welcome from KC!!
  11. kcghost

    New Member Concord Ca.

    Welcome from KC!!
  12. kcghost

    Where to Find G&H?

    I don't care for Lakeland much so this doesn't mean a lot to me. It would be nice to get in on their blends they offer but there are plenty of other blends out there. I believe they do make large shipments to China.
  13. kcghost

    Jpmcwjr is a New Moderator

    No problem, here!
  14. kcghost

    New Rule: Complaints About a Service / Product / Maker / Brand

    I'm okay the rule.
  15. kcghost

    St. Louis Pipe Show--Hotel Show Rate

    They don't publish updates very often so I haven't heard of anything.
  16. kcghost

    G.L. Pease Tins

    Yeah, just store it in a temp controlled room and it will stay fresh for years and years.
  17. kcghost

    Repair & Treatment for Cantankerous Pipe

    Very nice work building that a cabinet!!
  18. kcghost

    St. Louis Pipe Show--Hotel Show Rate

    Nothing on the West Coast but its early yet. I think Chicago is praying for a miracle.
  19. kcghost

    Comments on WordPress Posts are Working Again

    That is real good news to me. Thanks.