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  1. carcosa

    Cigars In the $9-$12 Dollar Range

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Hey guys im getting ready to order 3, 5 packs of cigars in the $9-$12 dollar range and could use some suggestions. Was thinking of getting some more Padron Original 7000 naturals since they have been a great smoke, and after sitting in my humidor...
  2. carcosa

    Has Anyone Tried These?

    In my recent search, I just ordered 2 bundles, looking for affordable cigars that I can smoke daily. Heard about these listening to the Cigar Authority podcast. I'm familiar with Perdomo and have smoked some of those of a different kind, but never had a Gran Habano: Gran Habano 3 SLS Perdomo...
  3. carcosa

    Any Cigars in This Bundle Decent?

    Smoking about 2 cigars a day I was looking for an affordable alternative for a daily smoke and save some of my more expensive cigars for a special occasion. I think most of these are long fillers but what is a mixed filler? Here is the deal I found...
  4. carcosa

    A Trip to Cuba!

    Well not me, but I heard my cousin is taking a trip to Cuba, and I’m hoping he will have room to bring me back a box of cigars. Any recommendation for what brand of cigar he should look for? I was thinking Cohiba and hoping they are cheaper in Cuba. But I bet there are some great obscure cigars...
  5. carcosa

    Is 73% Humidity Too Much?

    I’ve had my humidor for about a week and a half now with about 75 cigars in it for a week since i seasoned it, and the humidity is a constant 73%. Is this too high? I’m using 4 bovida 72% and 3 Drymistat 70% silicon bead tubes Maybe i should use a lower percent bovida pack?
  6. carcosa

    Sharpening a Xikar Cutter?

    According to Cigar Afficianado, Xikar will sharpen their cigar cutters for free if you send it in: However when I contacted Xicar this is what they said: Hi Sean, Since the blades are small and not easily...
  7. carcosa

    Whoas Me: the SPICE

    So as I mentioned in a previous post, I am fairly new to cigars, though I have been smoking a pipe for 6 or 7 years. Around the age of 23 I got what turned out to be a 1 to 2 pack a day cigarette habit which I gladly kicked in 2006 at the age of 33. I picked up the pipe in 2013, and what a...
  8. carcosa

    Cracked the Mortise of My New Pipe

    I was into my second bowl of Lane Virginia #1 when my pipe got clogged. So like an idiot I pulled the stem out which was a very tight fit, and when i put it back in the briar cracked by the mortise. It still smokes fine, its a $75 La Rocca Baron. Usually stems are tight with a new pipe, and i...
  9. carcosa

    Kinda New to Cigars

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob I just started smoking cigars the last week or two. I’ve smoked a pipe for about 6 years (just finishing up a can of 3 oaks syrian) but i think i caught the cigar bug... went through about 8 san lotano cigars so far... what would you...
  10. carcosa

    What's Your Favorite Bulk Aromatic?

    OK first of all I know this question is very broad, but Im just looking to try some samples of relatively good aromatics and would like some suggestions. I'm looking for a new aromatic to try, preferably something without a strong casing flavor, that smells great, with some sweetness to it (not...
  11. carcosa

    Borkim Riff Bourbon

    Wow just tried this for the first time, and I wish they sold it in bulk, just got 1.5 oz pouch but might have to get a can next time, a little pricey to replace my mainstay.... whats your favorite whiskey blend?
  12. carcosa

    What's Your Favorite Cherry Tobacco?

    I once had a great cherry tobacco called Dark Cherry Delight, I'm not sure on the name but couldnt find it anywhere on Pipes and Cigars where i found it the first time.The casing on that tasted kind of chemical though which i dont like about any tobacco with casings. Normally I smoke Vaper...
  13. carcosa

    Looking to cut costs on pipe tobacco

    I've been spending about $80 a month on tinned tobacco, and I'm looking to figure out how to spend less. Sure I've cut down on smoking, but I think bulk might be the way to proceed. So, what is a good bulk flake, preferably a VaPer, that does not come wet and require extensive drying, that can...
  14. carcosa

    I damaged my new pipe

    My new rusticated Dublin; about 6 or 7 smokes in, I didn't realize it was hot, and I noticed the side of the bowl smoking... it's a little blackened on the side but still salvagable. Will this problem accelerate into a full burnout?
  15. carcosa

    Chess tournament St. Louis MO.

    As I puff away on some Dunhill Navy Rolls, Nakamura the US chess champ is facing Carlsen the Icelandic World Champion across the board in the US's largest chess tournament! Anyone, else following this? On another note I just ordered a half pound of Esoterica Blackpool, anyone tried it?
  16. carcosa

    Licorice Aromatic?

    Can someone recommend a good anis licorice flavored aromatic? Do they exist?
  17. carcosa

    Cigar in a pipe?

    Has anyone ever crushed up a cigar and smoked it in a pipe?
  18. carcosa

    Looking for a good cavendish blend

    Ok so I've been smoking mostly vapers and latakia blends, but have tried Davidson's Danish Mixture which was a nice smoke early when I was first trying things. Not sure I want a really artificial tasting smoke, hated Lane Hazelnut... so any good blends that are based on a good cavendish... I...
  19. carcosa

    Has anyone else ever bitten through a rubber bit?

    Well have you? Just noticed a big tooth mark in one of my pipe bits!
  20. carcosa

    Ecigarettes and unregulated tobaco products?

    I saw on CNN or whatever cable channel shows congress in action, that they were putting through legislation either yesterday or today on e-cigarettes and other unregulated tobacco products (pipe tobacco and cigars?) and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about this?