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  1. peteguy

    J. Everett Christmas Pipe

    That coin trick turned out great. I like it a lot more than the usual nickel/silver.
  2. peteguy

    Jesse, I’m Coming For You

    Nice guys. I think Jesse brought a gun to a knife fight. :)
  3. peteguy

    State Taxes for Online Retailers

    The price tag in Utah on a tin of tobacco at a B&M is $25. This is the main reason my cellar is as large as it is - all online before they stopped shipping here. Esoterica tins are like $40-$50 here.
  4. peteguy

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2020!

    Many many thanks Secret Santa. Checked all of my boxes and then some. Bless you brother!!
  5. peteguy

    One Meerschaum For One Year (11/7/2020)

    Apply some beeswax if you want to bring out the color. You can google the how to or come up with your own method. The results are astonishing.
  6. peteguy

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2020!

    My SS gift has arrived!! Thank you very much SS. I hope I can wait until Christmas.
  7. peteguy

    New Escudo

    I have tins from 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. I stopped buying in 2018 due to the garbage they started putting out. I am fine smoking the tins before 2017. After that they ruined it. Was a top 5 smoke for me prior to whatever they did to save a few pennies.
  8. peteguy

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2020!

    Every package I have sent out in the last two weeks has taken twice as long as normal. Still hope out there for us wintergarden.
  9. peteguy

    Is There A Post About New Pipe Sellers On Sites Like Ebay?

    My opinion is Shinypipes has a family member that works for ebay. I have no evidence, just a gut feel from the way I have been treated and the words used by Mary Frankenstein. Then my neutral feedback being removed with no claim filed by me. They have seemed to be able to circumvent policy...
  10. peteguy

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2020!

    My outgoing arrived on Dec 3rd. I do not believe the recipient has been around since Thanksgiving. Just an fyi for Santa's accountant. My incoming has not been seen,
  11. peteguy

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2020!

    Dan makes this as smooth as smooth can be. When you have a cellar that would support a small town it is just a matter of picking out what your SS has in the email. Nothing heroic or mind reading about it. :)
  12. peteguy

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2020!

    My SS Gift has left the North Pole. Tracking #9405528206334162472418 Merry Holidays pipers!
  13. peteguy

    Growing Loewe Collection

    Sexy as hell Don!!
  14. peteguy

    Growing Loewe Collection

    I just picked up a bowl with no stem. Stamped Loewe Cutlass. The shank is a bit malformed. I do not know if it is worth sending out for professional repair or just use the stem I turned the tenon for and make it work. The bowl seems of very nice quality. 1st Loewe I have seen in person with...
  15. peteguy

    Corncob Shape Help

    These older Cobs are much better made (at least to me). Beefier cob, much nicer stem, this one even has a nice gold band and not the tiny brass thing the newer ones have..
  16. peteguy

    Corncob Shape Help

    Thank you for the info. The hunt conitnues....
  17. peteguy

    Corncob Shape Help

    i assume this is not the popular corndog shape or is it? Any idea on when this shape was made?
  18. peteguy

    Hunting Red VAs and McClelland Wannabes

    Sutliff Crumble Kake Red Virginia fills in for McClelland Red Va's. At least for me.
  19. peteguy

    SM Frank or Wally Frank - Any Info / Help?

    There are two pics of the stamping. Sorry if they aren't visible for you.