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  1. docrameous

    Smoker's Haven Exotique

    I was given a small sample of Smokers Haven Exotique and wow, it is fantastic. Doing some digging around, I have not been able to find it for sale online. Has this gone the way of extinction like the McClelland blends? If so, I don't have anything like this in my cellar, so I am open to...
  2. docrameous

    Quarantine Study Project - Growing Tobacco

    This very good thread on the legislation forum kicked this off for me... So, for the past week or so I have been dipping into the tobacco growing world. Posts elsewhere on the internet like...
  3. docrameous

    My First Trip into HH Old Dark Fired

    MacBaren's venerable HH Old Dark Fired (ODF) has been on my tobacco bucket list for a while. A couple of weeks ago before things got nuts with the virus I went to a B & M that I had not been to before and in touring their stock I saw the flake version, so I naturally could not resist taking it...
  4. docrameous

    Weighing Up COVID-19 And Smoking

    Not wanting to touch a nerve in this community, but rather share some thoughts and links that I have looked at in trying to make an informed decision (or as much as possible) about how much I will smoke my pipe during this crisis. I don’t inhale and I am healthy. I am reasonably fit with no...
  5. docrameous

    What Was Your Best Bowl This Week?

    Sometimes due to mood, chemistry, weather, the pipe I have chosen, what I’m drinking, the planets aligning, etc. I find one or two bowls in a week really hit the spot. It is not always the same tobacco, so it is interesting that while I generally like all the tobaccos in my little stash, I am...
  6. docrameous

    The Quality Bulk Tobacco Cellar for $200 Challenge

    The challenge is, can you construct a quality cellar with five one pound bags of bulk tobacco for $200 or less. What would you pick and why? You can use multiple suppliers and for the sake of simplicity, assume shipping is free. I was lazy and just used the cart on smokingpipes to calculate...
  7. docrameous

    Bug Out Bag Fail

    So my friend who is into disaster preparedness looked at the contents of my bug out bag. When he saw these he looked at me and said ‘really’?!? Sensing his disapproval I studied what might be wrong and I quickly admitted my mistake... Yup, I really need to add a VaPer.
  8. docrameous

    Do You Like Your Peterson System Pipe?

    If you own one of course... I have been pondering making this my next pipe acquisition. Some questions: Do you generally like the way a system pipe smokes? Are there certain tobaccos that you prefer to smoke in it? Is cleaning it a pain? Would you buy one again? Any other perspective buyer...
  9. docrameous

    Weekend Smoking Quandary...

    Observing advice of local health officials to stay at home this weekend, I have acquired three new to me tobaccos for in home entertainment. The weather is not brilliant yet, so I probably will only get one or two in. Any suggestions on number 1, 2 and 3?
  10. docrameous

    The Maiden Voyage of my Rossi 8622

    This is my recent pipe purchase, a Rossi 8622. I wanted a pipe with a bit wider chamber than what I currently own for flakes. This being my second briar, I wanted something with a bent stem and I also fancied a rusticated finish. So off to the garden I went to smoke it for the first time...
  11. docrameous

    Squadron Leader vs. ?

    I cracked open my first tin of Squadron Leader as I explore further the English category. Nice smoke! I am looking forward to a few more bowls. I don’t smoke a lot so I need to be very selective, so I would appreciate any suggestions of your favorite blends to compare against. On my short list...
  12. docrameous

    Help Me Pick Some Germain Blends Please

    Decisions, decisions... Thinking of trying... Rich Dark Flake Brown Flake 1820 Are there any others I should try based on your experience?
  13. docrameous

    Can You Help Me Identify This Pipe?

    Any ideas make / model?
  14. docrameous

    Carter Hall (A Review)

    What could a relatively new pipe smoker add to the reviews about Carter Hall that has not been already written? Also, do I dare write a review for such a cliché tobacco? The good thing about being new, is that you don't know enough to stay out of trouble, so here we go...! 😜 The main thing I...
  15. docrameous

    Advice Please! Amping It Up A Bit

    As a n00b I am probably asking for it... I am scheming on my next tobacco order and I am thinking I want to throw in a tin to amp it up a bit in strength and flavor. I am open to any blend... a few that have caught my eye that may or may not fit the bill.... Old Dark Fired Black Frigate Key...
  16. docrameous

    Pegasus - Bulk versus Tin

    I am thinking of buying some Pegasus in bulk... for now it is my goto burley based blend. To date I have only bought tins of it. Has anyone found any difference in the bulk version in comparison with the tin?
  17. docrameous

    Where Do You Smoke Your Pipe?

    Reading the threads about the state of pipe smoking and observations that not many pipe smokers are seen out and about these days, it got me to thinking... where do pipers on these forums most often smoke? Is it mostly at home or do you also have places out there that you enjoy smoking? For...
  18. docrameous

    Interesting Article to Help You Plan Your Cellar

    After reading a bunch of stuff on here, doing some calculations, etc. I came to the conclusion that I would like to eventualy cellar about 20-25 lbs of tobacco. After I arrived at this, I came across this online article that confirmed some of research. If you are a new piper and are...
  19. docrameous

    The Black Swan Shoppe - Wakefield England

    I am currently travelling and in my newfound hobby/lifestyle of pipe smoking, I have begun to get interested in places of interest in the tobacco world. Today while driving I stopped in to see The Swann Shoppe in Wakefield England. This is a stock photo, as the weather was really bad and I...
  20. docrameous

    Where Do You Suggest I Go From Here? Pipes 3, 4, 5, 6 ?

    It occurred to me today that pipe smoking is here to stay with me and is becoming a real lifestyle. My exploration to date has been with a relatively unexpensive, but nice Rossi briar and a couple of cobs, and I think I would like to start to add some additional briars to my collection...