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  1. kcghost

    Merry Christmas to All

    Just taking a second here to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It has warmed my heart to hear how many people are wishing each other "Merry Christmas" this year rather than the generic Happy Holidays.
  2. kcghost

    Lady Kat

    My beautiful Lady Kat almost made it to 19 put she passed away in my arms yesterday. I am one hurting buckaroo.
  3. kcghost

    Pipestud Shuts Down for a Month

    Recently I had Steve Fallon, AKA The Pipestud, sell a bunch of tobacco for me. He got about 60% through and then he had to cease operations. The State of Texas ordered him to cease the sale of tobacco products out of his home immediately. Apparently it is against Texas state law to sell tobacco...
  4. kcghost

    HOF Voting

    The votes are in and Derek Jeter and Larry Walker have been elected the Baseball Hall of Fame. No surprise on Jeter (yes he wasn't unanimous but who cares). Walker had a hard row to hoe in order to get there. He got in on his final ballot which was very close. For some reason the voter just...
  5. kcghost

    Winner of the 7-Day Set

    Steve Hasty, the father of Alex Hasty, won the 7-Day Set of the KC Pipe Carving Contest winners. Had to be quite a thrill to win with your son's pipes being one of the winners.
  6. kcghost

    2019 KC Carving Contest Winners

    This years contest simply told the carvers to make there best pipe the winner were Nate King, Ryan Alden, Matt Roussell, Jesse Jones, Brandon Brooks, Alex Hasty and Doug Finlay. The surprising thing to me there were no outrageous designs that were deemed winners. I think we all thought there...
  7. kcghost

    Carvers Helping Carvers

    I'm a little late on this but the Carvers Helping Carvers Raffle is going on now. We have six separate raffles for a pipe from such Carvers as Scottie Piersel, Clark Layton, Todd Bannerd, Eric Klotz, Michael Addis and Manny Atilano. All the proceeds of this raffle go toward paying the winners of...
  8. kcghost

    New Podcast Show

    There's a new podcast you might be interested in. It's called "Pipe and Tamper" and you can get it on Podkicker. It's hosted by a guy named Mike and is based out of the SF Bay area. There have only been ten episodes so far and one of those was a two minute test of concept so really just nine. He...
  9. kcghost

    Roy "Doc" Halladay

    The dominant pitcher of the 2000's. Died yesterday in a single-engine plane crash off Florida. 2019 year would be the first time he comes up for HoF induction. R.I.P.
  10. kcghost has wrong Link

    Toniight's podcast is linked to last week's radio show.
  11. kcghost

    An Unusual Xmas Dinner

    I had my son and daughter over for a belated Xmas dinner. To give them something different to eat than the usual Ham or Turkey I opted for Mexican food. Tamales, tacos, and tostadas. Man, was it good! Picture of my wife, my daughter, my son and myself.
  12. kcghost

    KC Pipe Show Announces New Date

    The Kc Pipe Show will be September 22-24th, 2017, at the Argosy Hotel in Kansas City. There will be the 8th annual carving contest (the contest pipe will be "use of bamboo"), slow smoke contest, smoking seminars and lots of great vendors.
  13. kcghost

    KC Pipe Show Pictures

    Here are some photos from the KC Pipe Show. KC Pipe Show 2016
  14. kcghost

    KC Carving Contest

    It is time for the KC Carving Contest. We will have a 7-day set form the Carving Contest up for a winner take all raffle. The tickets are limited to 300 total. The cost is just $25 for one ticket or 5 for $100.
  15. kcghost

    KC Pipe Show Banquet

    This year the GKCPC is having Paul Kirk as its guest speaker. This is something of a departure from the past when we always had a pipe maven as our guest speaker. Paul Kirk knows nothing about pipes but what he doesn't know about barbecue nobody knows. We will also have goody bag for all our...
  16. kcghost

    Old Crude Pipe

    Anybody got a clue about this pipe below?? Looks like a one-off done by an amateur.
  17. kcghost

    Did I Miss Something?

    No radio show this week??
  18. kcghost

    Neill Roan Chrsitmas Pipe Poem

    I checked in on Neill Archer Roan's site (A Passion for Pipes) to see if anything was going on over there. Neill hasn't posted anything in 5+ months and lo, and behold, he had put up a wonderful Christmas drawing with a splendid poem "The Pipe Before Christmas". I urge you to check it out. A...
  19. kcghost

    SteamPunk Pipe Hottie

    This is what Nate King dreams about. Photo courtesy of Alan Peschke at Briar Files.
  20. kcghost

    Comoy Silver Band Date

    Would someone be so kind as to interpret to sterling silver hallmarks on this Comoy band??