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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Yo capt - see you next Tuesday at The Wooden Match. 7:00pm or whenever it's convenient. Give me a holler for details. hp les
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    New Member from Philadelphia Suburbs

    Yo Ro - Welcome to PM! What side of Philly are you? I'm in West Chester but go to the monthly meetings of the Lehigh Valley Pipe Club in Bethlehem. I'm a long time member of Morley's PC in Center City, which hasn't been meeting since the COVID began. Too bad, because Morley's has been at it...
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    Checking In

    Yo peck! Great to hear that you and fam are doing well, and that your biz has not suffered from the 'Rona. The folks in chat mention you often and we were beginning to worry that you had gotten ill, or given up the pipe due to male menopause or maybe a sex change. hp les
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Yo Capt - consider yourself a member! I'll give you a holler and brief you on the initiation ceremonies. ;) hp les
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Yo capt - Welcome from West Chester. The New Tobacco Village in Whitehall is your best bet for a friendly B&M that welcomes pipes. Lina has been upgrading the pipe and tin selection. CI off Rte 22 also has some pipe stuff. The big CI in Hamburg had pipe events monthly before the 'Rona. Do...
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    Sante's Stash #9 - Sleeve of Nightcap(11/25/20)

    I see 'stud is selling NC 2015 for $35/, '13 for $40/ and '11 for $42/. This sleeve initially worked out to @$35 per tin for 2012 Nightcap. Interpolating Pipestud's prices, I should have set these 2012 at $42 + shipping? LOL. In any case someone is wanting just 2 tins, so this sleeve is...
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    What's Your Favorite Lakeland Blend?

    Not to be a wiseacre, Bracken Flake is my favorite, or more accurately, least unfavorite, Lakeland. It's like 1792 Lite to me. I had my one half bowl of 1792 from the Tobacco Village near Allentown. That satisfied my lifetime quota. I loaded up a half bowl in a sacrificial pressed...
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    Anybody Else from Delaware

    Yo Gog - there's a Tobacco Village on 202 in Talleyville that has some jars and pipes, along with a few tins. In PA, a few more miles up 202 is Old Havana, which has a bit of stuff. In Maryland, Belair has a quite good shop named Main Street Cigar. Spartan Cigar Lounge in Elkton was making a...
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    Greetings from Delaware

    Yo gog - Welcome from West Chester, PA.
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    Greetings from Penna.

    Yo TJ - Morley's in Center City actually had a young member who lived in Scranton come down the Northeast Extension for meetings. It takes a couple of us LVPC members 1 hr 40 min to get to The Wooden Match, though the drive home is faster by 20 minutes with less traffic. hp les
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    Tom Eltang Pipes

    Yo TN - I'm with luka there. There is also the Copenhagen series from the Danish Pipe Shop, sort of a gateway to Eltangs. hp les
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    Greetings from Penna.

    Yo TJ - welcome from West Chester. Are you within range of The Wooden Match in Bethlehem? The Lehigh Valley Pipe Club meets there monthly. Philly has the Christopher Morley's PC in Center City too. We've been meeting monthly, pre-COVID, since the 1990s. hp les
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    Sante's Stash #9 - Sleeve of Nightcap(11/25/20)

    Any interest in the sleeve for $150? Was hoping to move this for the widow before it was a decade old - lol. Or should we think about breaking up the sleeve and selling the individual tins? Happy New Year, and hp les
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    Hello from Lancaster, PA

    Yo Dutch - welcome from West Chester. Did you know the oldest US pipe store is/was Demuth. They had a store front in downtown Lancaster when I last looked a couple of years ago. How far are you from Bethlehem? The Lehigh Valley Pipe Club meets at The Wooden Match and we have members who come...
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    Hello from California

    Yo vish - welcome from near Philly. I remember when the pipe club used to meet in Sam Jose at Mission Pipes on Alameda. I never synchronized my visits to kids in the Bay Area to make it to the meetings at Edward's. Too bad since it would have been a good chance to meet up with MartyP. I did...
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    Looking for Butera’s Royal Vintage Latakia No2

    Yo mrand - Welcome to PM from West Chester. Anyway, did you get that Butera Royal Vintage Latakia No.2 from Holt's Cigars in downtown Philly? Twelve or thirteen years ago, Holt's was trying to clean up their stock. They felt they had too much Crown Achievement, Timm's London No.1000 and the...
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    The Neck Ties that Bind Us

    I got 2 pipe ties from David Field (the Dunhill expert and once importer of Radices). I wear them proudly at Slow Smoking events. Maybe they intimidate some of the competition by psyching them out. Once I was going through an airport in a suit (hate to wrinkle them by packing them in carryon)...
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    Scotty's VR Blend

    Yo jv - yup. But it looks like VR is discontinued. A year or two ago the SHPC version sold out. But now I see that P&C no longer carries it, even under Scottie's banner. :( hp les
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    Scotty's VR Blend

    Yo jv - this was one of the club blends for Sherlock Holmes PipeClub in the Boston area. I don't know if they were formulated for the club The four blends that the New York Pipe Club had were in fact worked out with the great RussO. hp les
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    FS Sante's Stash Round#6 (12/4/20)

    Update: 1, Villiger 1888 Late Night 50g. $35 2, McClelland's Anniversary 100 g. $75 SOLD 3, Blakeney's Best Bayou Slice 50 g. 2012 $35 SOLD 4, McClelland's Royal Cajun 50 g. 2006 $40 SOLD 5, Ashton Celebrated Sovereign 50 g. 2004 $55 6, Epitome 50 g. 2010 $50 7, G. L. Pease Haddo's...