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  1. peteguy

    Corncob Shape Help

    i assume this is not the popular corndog shape or is it? Any idea on when this shape was made?
  2. peteguy

    SM Frank or Wally Frank - Any Info / Help?

    I have a pipe that is stamped Frank Italian Briar on one side and Champion on the other. In reading about SM Frank on pipedia I see a quick mention about Frank in the same line as Kaywoodie, Yello Bole, Medico etc. On the pipe logo site it has a Frank listing with the same script stamp and it...
  3. peteguy

    Stanwell Experts, GURU's, Fans, etc.

    How rare is a Stanwell Queen? GR14 stamp - is that a grade or a shape? Any info on the chess series would be appreciated.
  4. peteguy

    Colin Fromm Info Please

    Can someone clue me in on the Castleford pipes that are stamped Hand Made by Colin Fromm. Yes I have read the usual internet sources. Thanks.
  5. peteguy

    Weber Experts

    First of all, do Weber experts exist? :) I see a pipe that is stamped Hand Made and nothing else but Weber and Imported Briar. Is this a rare pipe, collectible pipe, firewood, etc. I cant seem to find anything out via the interweb. Thanks.
  6. peteguy

    Bruce Harris Still Around?

    Does anyone have an email for Bruce Harris? The author for articles such as this: Article pm if so and thanks.
  7. peteguy

    Corn Cob Question

    When did Missouri Meerschaum use the "M" stem logo on their pipes? Do they off any hint on dating or rarity? Thanks.
  8. peteguy

    Found Two Stems In My Junk Drawer - No Clue

    I found two stems in my junk drawer. They are about 4.5" long and resemble a Kirsten stem. They have a stopper or larger flange on the very end of the metal rod thing and they also have a plunger type effect. You can hold the mouthpiece and press down while holding an outer collar near where...
  9. peteguy

    Pelican Question

    I picked up a couple of tins of Pelican yesterday. When adding them to my cellar I noticed the one that I had before has a sharpie line blocking something out. My questions is, what the hell is this sharpie line all about? Was it factory done or B&M done or what? It looks like this one from...
  10. peteguy

    Hey All You Pipe Carvers

    Give me some feedback on this horrid drawing. This is my first go at a commission pipe and I am wanting something along this line. Is this too specific for a carver to work from? Perhaps not enough info or just a plain dumb idea. :)
  11. peteguy

    Peterson Question - Dublin & London

    What does the stamp Dublin & London refer to? Is that a shape/model, perhaps a dating hint? Thank ya!
  12. peteguy

    KBB Cigarette Holder Approx - 1929

    Can anyone help me with this piece? The only thing I can seem to find is a 1929 ad from the Saturday Evening Post. Which is great for dating help but doesn't really help me with a rarity or value or if these have a following. I have never even heard of these or have never seen one before so I...
  13. peteguy

    Thoughts On Repair Bands

    What are your thoughts on repair bands. Avoid any pipe with a repair band, doesn't matter the pipe still smokes or somewhere in between?
  14. peteguy

    1K'er At Last

    This should be my 1000th post. Just want to thank everyone for putting up with me and educating me in this wonderful hobby. It took a while by some standards and probably came to fast for others. :) Hopefully peck has put together a wonderful milestone gift box. Peteguy
  15. peteguy

    Why Watch a BIN Auction?

    I was wondering what some of the reasons would be for pipe buyers to watch a "buy it now" or "best offer" style auction. My wife is selling a purse on the bay and she showed me the auction last night. It is a BIN or Best Offer and it had 6 watchers and has been running for a few days. I told...
  16. peteguy

    Stanwell Help Needed

    I saw a Stanwell pipe at a local shop with a name I couldn't make out. I should have snapped a pic but didn't. It looked like Seaance or Seaamce. Can anyone help me out?
  17. peteguy

    Briar Carved Facial or Animal Pipes

    What is the deal with these carved briar pipes I see around? I see lots of animals, some facial or figure styles and even some that look like a football. Are these just gimmicks or is there something I am missing with these?
  18. peteguy

    Dumb Buffer Question

    I had to replace my furnace a few weeks ago so of course I pulled the old motor. When it comes to getting a motor/arbor extension how do I know if I need a LH or a RH? I was going to get the Jestco 6" extension arm but I am not understanding how to determine which one I need.
  19. peteguy

    Disgusting Seller

    With the recent discussions on sellers and refurb/restore practices as of late this one caught my eye. It won't garner the attention of the other threads where bigger named sellers and more expensive pipes are listed but this is just disgusting. These are the people who need to be stopped in...
  20. peteguy

    Kaywoodie Stems

    Any place that can replace a kaywoodie stem with the correct stinger or does anyone keep a stash of old kaywoodie stems or stingers for such a case? I found an old 4 digit bowl but no stem at a flea market.