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  1. huskysibe

    How Do You Open a New Tin of Tobacco?

    If you open a tin and leave it in that tin you should smoke it within the month or it will dry out. You can transfer to mason jars, therefore allowing you to open multiple tins to sample the goodness and rotate your smokes. Peck, I'll gladly pay for your course as long as I get room and board...
  2. huskysibe

    Hilson Pipes

    I have a Hilson with a huge bowl, awesome latakia pipe, great smoker!
  3. huskysibe

    Domo Arigato Mrmotoyoshi

    Wow! Would love to get my hands on a little Chacom like that, its awesome!
  4. huskysibe

    Just Scored This On Ebay

    Thats a beauty!
  5. huskysibe

    Any PS4 Owners Here?

    Unholy1 that worked! Thanks, that saved me from getting rid of it. It is fun and I like it, did a nice long run on Christmas day. Thanks again
  6. huskysibe

    Official Secret Santa 2014

    My links aren't working. Let me work on that
  7. huskysibe

    Official Secret Santa 2014

    Merry Christmas everyone! I opened my secret Santa today from pipebow88 and was totally floored. I have been wanting to try elizabethean mixture and Tisbury for a while now, and JA is a favorite add all as the Dunhill Flake. I love Wessex offerings and have never tried the brown Virginia...
  8. huskysibe

    Any PS4 Owners Here?

    Unholy1 that's exactly where I am! I tried the stationary one around the corner but it alerted the others, I see the one that goes in the room to the left so I know I am right where you think I am. Gonna try again tomorrow, thanks for the tips
  9. huskysibe

    The Homeless Pipe Smoker

    Nice gesture, I keep a few pipes in my car for just such an occasion. Havent done it yet but I will find someone down on their luck and pay it forward.
  10. huskysibe

    Pipe Smoking In The Civil War - A New Book By Benjamin Rapaport

    I need to order a copy, that looks cool!!!
  11. huskysibe

    Counting my blessings . . .

    Praying for you and your wife. Have a Merry Christmas and yes Sir, do count those blessings, it could be worse.
  12. huskysibe

    Any PS4 Owners Here?

    I sent friend requests to all whom posted their ID. D_ReZ was not a good ID and Digital_Champion wasn't either
  13. huskysibe

    Any PS4 Owners Here?

    I did grab the last of us but I screwed up and fell down a level in a building and now 5 or 6 of those zombies keep attacking me and kill me almost instantly and the woman and girl stayed up top. Im super frustrated with it and am considering trading it in this evening for the crew. I have the...
  14. huskysibe

    Any PS4 Owners Here?

    I grabbed COD and its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Farcry4 has taken a back seat. Only problem is I don't have a headset yet so if you friend me Ozzie11592 I wont be able to chat until just after Christmas when I get a headset.
  15. huskysibe

    My First Falcon... A Lost Cause?

    Soak it in Everclear then scrub it clean, hit the mouthpiece with a magic eraser then dry it off and rub some olive oil on the mouthpiece and you will be as good as new
  16. huskysibe

    Official Secret Santa 2014

    hahaha nice Easterntraveler!!!!! you scored at least three times during that exchange, the SS, the $100 for more tobacco, and the satisfaction that you won one over your wife! Because if your anything like me, my wife ALWAYS wins, so I savor my victories when they happen lol
  17. huskysibe

    How will you spend Christmas Eve?

    Christmas Eve is going to be busy for me. My FIL is coming into town and will be staying with us. First we will head to church for a 6pm service, I am the lay leader for my church so I have a lot to do to ensure the service goes off without a hitch. Then I have to ensure the 11pm service is all...
  18. huskysibe

    Official Secret Santa 2014

    No apologies necessary, I was actually just trying to be funny, but I appreciate you giving me an update. I wrestled with even posting anything for fear it would be taken the wrong way but I was feeling Jolly this morning and hoped with a well placed lol and smiley that my humor would be taken...
  19. huskysibe

    Help. Six estate pipes, but I can only keep one. But which?

    Smoke them all at least once and choose that way, choosing by name alone is a fools game.
  20. huskysibe

    Official Secret Santa 2014

    Guess what dumb thing I did? Told my SS recipient he could open it early except I told him that in the card that's in the box that requires that you to open it early on your own to get to the card that authorizes you to open it early.....DOH! Not my smartest moment LOL