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  1. eriksmokes85

    Pipe Smokers In WA?

    spokanepipesmoker is a good one, but he hasn't been posting much.
  2. eriksmokes85

    Pipe Smokers In WA?

    Hey there pipesofsteele, I live in Washington state but not close to where you are. I live About and hour north of Seattle and about 40 mins south of the Canada border. I find it hard to find people around me to smoke with as well. Are you on youtube? nwpipesmoker is a guy I subscribed to and he...
  3. eriksmokes85

    Why Does a Wee Pipe Relax Us?

    I am in the same boat as warren. I believe a lot of us go into with the expectation that we will get to calm don and relax with a pipe. "Bought the thought" is the phrase that comes to mind.
  4. eriksmokes85

    What Will You Be Smoking on International Pipe-Smoking Day?

    And so to bed will be my tobacco thanks to a forum member!
  5. eriksmokes85

    A Newer Pipemaking Trend

    I think it all comes down to what a maker feel the smokers are comfortable paying. I mean think about it, if every pipe artist made pipes and priced them at 400$ or more no one could really afford the hobby. Yes you may not feel like they are good looking or great pipes, but at the end of the...
  6. eriksmokes85

    Check Out What I scored! Pic Heavy!

    Thanks fnord. I'm in a pickle on if i should in fact keep them or sell them. I could really use the money. But how often does one come across things like this, FOR FREE! I think if the right price was presented I would be able to do it. But the mystery of the contents is really exciting.. Man...
  7. eriksmokes85

    Have you ever?

    Hey members, I was wondering if anyone here has written and published a book? I have been a chef in both entree and pastry for 10 years and have always thrown around the idea of writing a cook book. Recently with my time off, I have been experimenting with tobacco in food. Using and a...
  8. eriksmokes85

    Check Out What I scored! Pic Heavy!

    It was cool to find them and even cooler when I heard "why don't you just keep them"! I have never had either of them!
  9. eriksmokes85

    Check Out What I scored! Pic Heavy!

    Its really cool to me cause I have really only ever had OTC blends in the plastic pouch, and samples from fellow forum members. But holding these tins and seeing them makes me really want more haha. I've read a lot about the edgeworth on here.
  10. eriksmokes85

    Check Out What I scored! Pic Heavy!

    Thanks misterlowercase!
  11. eriksmokes85

    Check Out What I scored! Pic Heavy!
  12. eriksmokes85

    Check Out What I scored! Pic Heavy!

    I dont know how to upload pictures apparently. Can someone help me out?
  13. eriksmokes85

    Check Out What I scored! Pic Heavy!

    So I was doing some work for a lady to have some money coming in while I find a real job, and I came across a couple unopened tins of tobacco that were her husbands. She decided that since I am a pipe fan that they would be better appreciated in my possession, so she just gave them to me! These...
  14. eriksmokes85

    Rescue, Restore Of An Old Comoy's - PIC HEAVY

    You sir are a magician! That doesn't even look possible. Nicely done! Happy piping!
  15. eriksmokes85

    Please Stop Personal Attacks (All Read!)

    Funny I just kind of had a similar discussion with my 11 year old daughter. I totally agree with this thread. We are all grown men and women, lets act like it.
  16. eriksmokes85

    Free Pipe Project

    That's super awesome! I hope to one day commission a pipe by them.
  17. eriksmokes85

    A blend you really want to try.

    Hey members, I have been laying kinda low since the holidays and what not. Been hunting for a new job as mine was discontinued right before Christmas. But any ways, I have found myself with a lot of time to be able to read almost every thread on the first 4 pages of the tobacco review...