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  1. tslex

    Proposed: Hipster millennials are GOOD for pipe smoking

    OK, topic for discussion. Context: I'm old, verging on codger at 58, and I've been smoking a pipe for nearly 40 years. I learned at the knee of several certified codger uncles. Proposition: I'm FINE with all the hipster interest in pipe smoking. Indeed, I encourage it. They are GOOD for pipe...
  2. tslex

    Finding my tribe

    To make a long story short, this past weekend I visited a local B&M I hadn't returned to in maybe 18 months. My impression then was of a vape and hookah shop, with just a few pipes and some stray tins. So imagine my pleased surprise to find the place -- while still selling a wide variety of...
  3. tslex

    Florence and the good folks at Smoking Pipes dot Com

    With the latest wiggle to the south. Florence is even more of a direct threat to the good folks at SPC. Wilmington is now in the crosshairs (although a storm of this size is more of shotgun than a rifle) and another slight tick to the south will bring Myrtle Beach into focus. SPC and the entire...
  4. tslex

    "Did You Ever Kill Anybody?"

    "I hurt somebody's feelings once." So. . . What famous movie quote would be apropos to you? Edited by jvnshr: Title capitalization (please check Rule #9)
  5. tslex

    Historical "What Ifs"

    Let's have some fun. Today's theme: Battles that might well have gone the other way and which -- had they done so -- would have changed everything. I'm going to cheat in my answer and combine Dunkirk with the Battle of Britain, which began a month later. Had Hitler not halted his advance on the...
  6. tslex


    Gaslight in a Brebbia by the pool. That'll do.
  7. tslex

    Austin, TX

    So the summer trip is going to be Austin. (Yes, I know. But when you live in Miami, heat's not really a thing anymore, and when your lovely bride is a teacher, summer travel is a must.) We'll spend a few days there, take a day trip to Fredricksburg (antiques and crafts for my lovely bride...
  8. tslex

    My visit to Castellana's tobacco shop in Florence

    Alright gentlemen, sorry this has taken me so long to post. We got back from Italy to find my practice more or less on fire, with trips to NYC and LA since our return. But I wanted to share this experience with all of you and suggest in strongest terms that if you ever find yourself in Florence...
  9. tslex

    Tabaccheria Castellan Firenze

    More when I get back and don't have to post from my phone. But thanks for the record to visit Giovanni. What a gentleman. What a wonderful experience. He just kept bringin out trays of amazing pipes. Bought a sweet Rinaldo Bris. pipe completely unlike anything I have. Just a great experience...
  10. tslex

    Italy bound. Pipe must sees?

    In April, my lovely bride and I are headed to Italy. Plans include 3 days Venice, 3 days Sorrento, 3 days Rome, a shorter stay in Florence. We've got Pompeii and the Vatican and the Acadamia and all that stuff well planned for. But the hell with centuries of civilization, art and culture . . ...
  11. tslex

    Forum Search Function?

    I've been on this forum a long time, but it looks like I do not have something figured out yet. Whenever i have tried to use the forum search function, I've found it mostly useless. Today I wanted to find the recent thread about the new box pass. So I went to the search box, typed in "box pass"...
  12. tslex

    Morta smokers, report please

    So SPC's blog recently had a great article on morta -- what it is, where it comes from, the idiosyncrasies of making pipes from it. (Here's the article: ) I don't own a morta pipe -- never even...
  13. tslex

    Password gripe at pipe site

    So I tried to register at "The Pipe Guys." As usual, I was sent a one-time password upon registering, then invited to re-set the password. I selected a password with 10 characters, including a capital letter, a number and a punctuation mark. No joy. Notice said the password was "too weak" and...
  14. tslex

    On having killed the white whale

    One of the perennial discussion topics here is hunting the white whale – seeking that one particular pipe that is the object of your greatest briar desire. We’ve talked in the past about how each person’s particular Moby Dick is self-assigned: For some guys it’s that make and model pipe their...
  15. tslex

    Want another reason my lovely bride is the very best?

    You're not completely sure that my lovely, bright, courageous, sexy wife is not the finest in the land? Well take a gander at this. (Lest you doubt your own eyes at beholding such splendor, let me speak to the question you are too gobstopped to utter: Yes. Yes that IS a birth-year Dunhill...
  16. tslex

    Dave Neeb. great service

    Just a note to say what we all know: Dave Neeb provides great service. My lovely bride is buying me a pipe for Christmas, but ran into some confusion on the web page. I gave Dave a call -- yeah, the definition of Christmas surprise gets a little blurred when the subject is pipes -- and he sorted...
  17. tslex

    Wide mouth Ball jars for cheap -- implications

    My lovely bride and I were at Target today picking up this and that. Going through the kitchen section we came across 4-packs of those great 8-oz Ball jars -- the really low ones with the wide mouths that perfectly contain the contents of a 50g/2oz tin. These usually go for $10 a package in any...
  18. tslex

    Adam Smith, Penzance and a declaration

    Adam Smith famously said "The price of a thing is what it will bring" -- or words to that effect. So I haven't any meaningful cavil with anyone who wishes to sell, at mark-ups of several orders of magnitude for bags of Penzance or other Esoterica blends they happen to finagle, hoard, stockpile...
  19. tslex

    Sgt. William A. Prochazka, EOW 11-10-75

    I remember him always. I thought some of you might honor his memory, too. A post I wrote about this hero: End of Watch RIP, Uncle Bill.
  20. tslex

    Even a whiskey guy can take a turn, now and then

    After an uncharacteristically work-laden Sunday, relaxing with a pipe and an uncharacteristic . . . mug of tea. (My lovely bride made the mug and the pipestand.)