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  1. verporchting

    Birthday Pipe!

    My wonderful wife was wandering through the pipe shop while I was browsing and selecting some tobacco and found something she liked. So she bought it for my birthday present. Couldn’t be more pleased!! 😃😃😃 Got the perfect tobacco for it as well.
  2. verporchting

    Froggy For Me

    You know how when you’re visiting a favorite little hole in the wall tobacconist and you see a 100g tin of aged FMB from 2012 for $50 how you agonize about whether or not to buy it? Yeah, me neither. 😁
  3. verporchting

    Black Twist Sliced

    Feels a little decadent but I bought my first bag of presliced twist. I mean, the first thing you do is slice it up to dry out a pipe or two’s worth anyway, so why does it seem so weird to buy it already done??? I actually enjoy fiddling with the ropes and twists and plugs, so this is a...
  4. verporchting

    WTB Kendal Strawberry

    Had some in my cart out of curiosity but it got away. Anybody have some they would like to part with. US.
  5. verporchting

    Rose Geranium Oil?

    Has anyone ever scented your own tobaccos with a food grade RG oil? I’ve seen it advertised in organic or health essential oil type stores and believe it can be ingested or smoked. I’m thinking about mixing up a batch of D&R Three Sails with maybe a tiny dash of the stuff to see what happens...
  6. verporchting

    Mmm, Cellar Discovery

    Found several sections of G&H Ropes lurking in the cellar where they have been quietly aging for several years (yeah, I forgot they were there, lol). Some lovely crystal growth and they smell divine. To be smoked starting right now. 😃
  7. verporchting


    Apparently the site doesn’t like the word “banana” in PMs, lol. Autocorrupt promptly and repeatedly substitutes nana instead. Now that’s just funny. No yellow tropical fruits allowed, one year!
  8. verporchting

    Britwood Identification Experts - Any Ideas On This?

    Nomenclature buffed nearly into oblivion, but I’m certain it says London Made. No other markings visible.
  9. verporchting

    Getting To Meet Mark Tinsky

    I recently discovered that Mark Tinsky lives just a few miles away and he kindly offered to show me around his shop later this week. I am pretty excited about it. I have considered buying one of his pipes before because they are gorgeous but just never got around to it. Time to remedy that.
  10. verporchting

    Back In Black (Stem Query)

    Vulcanite stems keep returning to green / brown after cleaning. Embers had some advice that cleans them up nicely but the very next smoke it’s like I didn’t do anything at all. I’m using magic erasers and toothpaste and a jewelry cloth but no power tools or buffer. Follow up with obsidian...
  11. verporchting

    Stand For Danish Freehand

    So I bought a stunning Danish Freehand that caught my eye and now I need to figure out a pipe stand / display because it is HUGE and won’t sit or fit into or onto anything I currently have. Pickaxe shape makes it even more challenging. Any suggestions or links to a stand or ideas how you have...
  12. verporchting

    Recommend Me A Pipe

    I’m considering a new pipe or two, but something a bit more petite than my usual preference. Specifically, I’m thinking about a pipe for strong ropes and plugs with a smaller bowl. Generally I prefer group 4-5 pipes that are decent size but I’m wanting a few smaller pipes. I’ve got a pair of...
  13. verporchting

    Does It Actually Work?

    I have seen comments about people cutting coins of rope tobacco and stacking them like pancakes in the bowl to smoke. Just can’t envision that working out so well - or at all. To be fair, I’ve never tried it because it seems like a good way to dump a mostly unsmoked mess of good tobacco out...
  14. verporchting

    Peterson Sport 8

    Okay, I’ll give the junk shop lady $38 for it. 🙄
  15. verporchting

    Broken Cake Question

    I don’t generally build a thick cake but I’ve been experimenting with a few pipes just for curiosity sake. Tonight a decent chunk broke off and left a gap in the cake and I’m not sure if it’s better to cut it back now with a moderate reaming, full reaming or just continue as is. The cake...
  16. verporchting

    Bought A Falcon

    Been looking at them for quite some time and decided to pull the trigger. Ordered from GQ Tobaccos in England and it arrived fairly quickly and the price was cheap as chips even including two extra bowls. So... is it any good? Yes. Unreservedly yes. Absolutely. Love this pipe. At...
  17. verporchting

    Comoy's - Did Many Have Stingers?

    I recently bought an Emerson 565 which I'm pretty certain is a Comoy's second brand as it appears very, very similar to the Comoy's 565, and I do believe it's a Comoy's shape that was branded as an Emerson and stamped with a tobacconist's name as a promo piece or house pipe. (A big thank you to...
  18. verporchting

    Unsmoked Kaywoodie 5172 From A Junk Shop

    Never fails to amaze me what you can find sometimes. Box of old pipes, mostly rubbish, and there sits a pristine, mint condition, unsmoked Kaywoodie 5172 pipe that if my Google Fu is correct is from 1933 - 1938, and probably a pre-1936. What are the odds of finding an unsmoked pipe like that...
  19. verporchting

    Need Help With "Emerson London Made" Pipe

    It's marked as above on one side and with "Mac's Palo Alto" and 565 on the other. Stem has an "E" inside a circle that jives with Pipepedia and I've read that Emerson pipes were a Comoy's second. I'm guessing maybe it's from the late 20s or 30s because it has a freaky stinger and...
  20. verporchting

    Need A Filler

    I just got a Morgan Bones pipe - my second one - and while I'm sure it will smoke as good as the first one, this one has a HUGE chunk missing on the outside of the stummel. We're not talking about a sand pit, this is a ruddy huge gouge. I would like to try my hand at filling the crater...